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Reselling Question/Problem

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Reselling Question/Problem

  • Hi,

    I am having a problem, and I'm hoping this forum might provide me some help. 


    My name is Jeff, and I run a small (one-man) IT repair business here in NY.  I see mostly residential customer, but a good amount of small businesses as well.  This past summer, many of my customers wanted to order PCs (Dell's) directly from me, but I couldn't provide that.  So, I looked into Dell's Partner Direct program so that I could start doing this.  I was eventually accepted into the program after about two months.  I haven't made orders until recently, and I hit a little bit of a problem.

    The problem is that I can't seem to get Dell to treat all of my orders as non-taxable, since I am interested in only reselling computers/equipment I buy from Dell using my business account.  I have faxed over NY State's reseller form to the Tax Department three times now, and each time they return my fax stating a different problem with my submission that they had not mentioned before.  Quite frankly, I've never had any trouble with this form when I send it to other vendors.  It's usually cut and dry.

    By joining the Dell Partner Direct program, did I join the right "entity" from Dell in order to resell Dell computers?  Or is there a better system that Dell has for reselling computers to the general public.  all I'm interested in doing is legally buying a computer from Dell, (such as an Inspiron 580 that I want to buy now for someone), not being charged tax, and then selling the PC to my customer where I do charge the sales tax appropriately.  The Partner Direct program seems nice, but appears to be overkill for me.

    What is the best way to get a hold of someone to see if I can put a solution to this problem?




  • Jeff,

    Are you ordering off the general website or from your sales rep?  If you are trying to order from the Home and Home Office division, they will never give you the tax exemption.  If you order from the Partner site or Small and Medium Business site, and you have your tax exemption papers on file, then you will get the deduction.

    Beer  Thanks for the beer, next round is on me!

  • Well, after 2 weeks of dealing with a complete run-around at Dell (I literally made a full circle in terms of each person at Dell telling me who else I should be speaking to), it appears my original account was setup under the consumer side, and not the resale side.

    I finally got this all straightened out, so my sales tax exempt status for small and medium business should be completed on Monday.  With that said, it's completely unfortunate for Dell that they do not allow me to buy from the Home and Home Office side.  About 60% of my business is residential, and people are constantly interested in new computers.  My intent was to buy from the Home and Home Office side, and resell to my customers.  They are not interested in speaking with sales reps on the phone who are more than likely only interested in selling my customers more than they really need.  The average "home user" doesn't even understand what they need, which is where I fit in.  I've built $500 computers for the low-end user and referred other gamers to Dell's Alienware line for the $3,500+ machines.

    Since Dell does not allow me to buy from the Home and Home Office side and be sales tax exempt, they just lost a decent sales chunk. I have 6 residential customers right now who want PCs, and they no longer want to buy from Dell since I can't get it for them.  Adding up the dollar figures, it would have been purchases totaling about $8,000 that Dell is no longer going to get.  While $8k might be a drop in the bucket for Dell, it's still $8,000 in initial sales lost, with these 6 clients probably never thinking about going to Dell for a purchase again.  So six lifetime customers have been lost.  I'm going to build them their own PCs instead, so there is no loss on my end at all.  In fact, my customers will get exactly what they need since I'll use quality components.

    I'll continue to pursue and purchase from Dell's business line for my small business customers.  But I must say, with my dealings on the phone, email and chat with Dell over the last 2 weeks has left a terribly bitter taste in my mouth.  It's sad too, because I've stood behind this company for just about 13 years now.  Between the general level of incompetence on the phone, plus some down right rude salespeople, I had a tough stretch here with Dell.  Hopefully the ordering of equipment from their Partner Portal is a hassle free process, as any more hassle than I've already experienced would put me in the direction of looking for a new vendor.


  • I have the same concern and have been going through the same circle. I really haven't experienced more incompetent customer service, maybe Sam's Club is close. My emails go unanswered and my phone calls keep getting transferred with no solution. It's a really a simple question that anyone should be able to answer. I'm going to fax them my Nevada resale license and hope it's good for something.

  • I have been going throught the same as all the other posters here.  About a month and a half of no returned calls, email circles and incompetent Dell reps (anyone ever try to email with <ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy>).  Good Lord, what an idiot!  Sad thing is that I actually tried to contact his supervisor and she isn't any better...  Sad, so very sad.....

  • Well I've been going through the torture since May 23, following up with ignorant clueless customer service who's received all of the forms required, forms that I had to go around the world to have them send me. A few more weeks later and no response. Doesn't matter who you email, I've tried managers and no response. I guess Dell idiotically losing business is normal for them, but would've been nice for me to get some good deals tax free. I won't purchase anything from them unless they sort this out.

  • I've contacted the Reseller Division, and they asked that you send them an email for assistance.

    Here is their email address:




  • Like it's going to make any difference, but I'll forward my previous emails to them. I'm not wasting time writing new emails to these brick walls.