As competition increases within the SMB space and economic pressures continue to mount, companies continue to seek a competitive advantage that will push them ahead of the rest. One of the best ways to gain this advantage is by evaluating their current operations to optimize costs and increase productivity.  While these evaluations often span several business areas/functions, we’re seeing an emerging trend in the use of IT technologies and services to achieve overall efficiency.

On October 24 from 12-1pm CT, join Preston James of Dell, Alisa Swann of Microsoft, and analyst and consultant Michael Krigsman, for a live webcast titled “How to optimize costs & increase productivity through technology.” Join our panelists and learn:

  • Fundamentals of cost optimization and increasing productivity
  • Applying IT technologies and services to gain efficiency for your business
  • Unique success stories from companies who have become more efficient and optimized through the adoption of IT principles.

Our panelists will answer viewer questions during the LIVE broadcast. Pose your questions to them by tweeting using the #DellWebcast hashtag.

This will be an excellent conversation so be sure to watch and join in!


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