As we head into 2012 Small and Medium Businesses no longer see cloud computing as a trend, it’s now business as usual. According to Forrester’s Holger Kisker, 2012 is the year cloud becomes mature. This is the trend we are seeing with our customers as their business and IT infrastructure needs grow.

There are real business benefits in moving to the cloud for many companies. Benefits include increased ease of scaling IT as the business grows, freeing up resources, quick implementation of IT resources and new technology without disrupting existing services, and overall improved quality of IT services within the company.  The below infographic outlines a practical framework for moving your business to the cloud.

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Time and expertise are required to put a cloud solution together. Dell offers simple and easy to buy and use best of breed cloud applications and comprehensive services. Dell cloud solutions that leverage existing infrastructure, integrate with cloud-based applications and offer real-time online analytics.


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