IT departments in small and medium businesses have to be able to survive on a limited budget and staff. Costs are rising and budgets are not keeping up. Finding the right solutions to eliminate inefficiencies and automate everyday processes are critical to keeping your network secure and costs low. 

For that purpose, Dell has multiple resources to keep IT departments running efficiently and at a low cost.

1. Dell KACE: IT staffers spend much of the day executing repetitive, daily tasks. Patching systems, deploying applications, taking inventory or scanning log files for faults are all daily tasks that can be automated by the Dell CASE solution. With this system managing hundreds of machines at once from a single dashboard, 1 or 2 employees can perform at the same level as 8 to 10.

2. Dell SecureWorks: Maintaining a security for your network doesn’t mean you have to employ a security expert on site. Dell SecureWorks will proactively scan your network for threats or weaknesses while minimizing the burden of compliance on your staff.

3. Dell Tech Center: Looking for tips and tricks to managing your systems? Check out this great resource of wikis, blogs and videos to help you keep your systems running as smoothly as possible.

 4. OpenManage Essentials: Running Dell hardware? Be sure to check out the newly released OpenManage Essentials, a systems management console that provides basic Dell hardware management available as a free download.  If you are currently using Dell IT Assistant (ITA), you can easily migrate to OpenManage Essentials.


Automation and consolidation are the focus of customers looking out 12-18 months. Unlike the hiring of more staff, these solutions will scale with your growing business and your environment. How far out are you planning? Is automation a priority?

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