IDG predicts that 2012 will be a big year for BYOD (bring your own device to work) and the resulting increased workload to manage all of these different devices. As more workers bring their own smartphones, laptops and tablets to work, IT departments will need to consider how to keep business data secure in the process.

Security is one of the most pressing IT issues that any business faces today, but it’s especially a concern for small and mid-sized companies who find it difficult and increasingly complex to find the recourses needed to protect against the ever growing number of security threats - data breaches through the network, data leakage by employees, malware attacks and lost hardware.

Ken Mingis, managing editor for news, Computerworld predicts for 2012 that: “It's only a matter of time before some big-name company loses important corporate data because of the failure to secure these personal devices.”

Boundaries between personal and work life are falling away and we increasingly use social media, in fact its 22.5 percent of the time we spend online, putting pressure on security. Clear guidance is needed for employees to make sure security standards are set and that the personal as well as business risks are known and avoided.  With this in mind I wanted to share with you this common sense infographic with five social media security risks to recognize and avoid.

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Beyond employee security responsibility, more and more organisations are turning to Dell for help with IT security. Dell has a full set of security services to help prevent attacks via the network or endpoints like laptops or smartphones and security services to meet regulatory compliance.


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