Is 2012 the year Cloud goes mainstream? Regardless, if done well, it is a key opportunity for growth, time and cost savings for many businesses. If you are thinking of cloud we’ve got together with Rhonda Abrams to offer Dell customers a free eBook.

Acclaimed small business and entrepreneurial author, Rhonda Abrams provides you with a step-by-step guide to create the optimal cloud strategy for your organization. This eBook provides critical tips and tricks from how to choose cloud applications and calculate potential ROI, to how to train your team and take advantage of analytics.

You will need to fill in a simple form to download this step-by-step guide for creating the optimal cloud strategy for your organization -- with the worksheets, tips and best practices to make it happen quickly.

About Dell cloud solutions: Dell offers simple and easy to buy and use cloud solutions that leverage existing infrastructure, integrate with cloud-based applications and offer real-time online analytics.

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