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  • Blog Post: Optimize Social Content to Boost Website Traffic: Tips from Feeding America

    Businesses of all sizes – from small retailers to large, multi-national corporations – are looking for ways to increase traffic to their websites through social media. Real-time, highly mobile channels such as Twitter are uniquely qualified to convert users to customers, by enabling marketers...
  • Blog Post: Social Media for Business: How to Participate Effectively.

    Participating in Social Media is an easy thing to do. Whether it be for business or pleasure, everyone is doing it so it has got to be straight forward, right? Connecting with friends and family could not be any easier with the help of sites like Facebook and Twitter; leveraging social media for business...
  • Blog Post: Your individual mentorship program is a journey, and social media can help

    The best advice I ever got about mentoring came from an aspiring film maker I met in a Berlin café. She told me that her creative journey had been strung together by a series of teachers and mentors, some of whom were unaware of their transformational role in her life, many of whom were transitory...
  • Wiki Page: Twitter List

    On Twitter, a List is a group of users chosen by the list creator. Visiting a list allows a user to see tweets from list members only. Lists may be public, allowing others to Follow the list. Or, they may be private, in which case users are not notified that they have been added to the list.
  • Wiki Page: Social Media Profile

    In social media, the page assigned a particular person or company that houses their information and activity for other users to see.