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  • Blog Post: Facebook Marketing Lessons from Leading Retailers

    There is no one-size-fits-all solution in social media marketing. However, industry-level insights offer benchmarks and important best practices, based on the experiences of other companies. In a recent issue of ’s Facebook Report: Ecommerce Industry , there are a number of important...
  • Blog Post: Six tips for better Facebook engagement

    Social engagement is the Holy Grail of Facebook marketing. Engaged fans respond to Page posts with comments, Like status updates, and Share your content with their network of potential customers. However, there are more than 41 million brand pages on Facebook. How can you make sure your posts stand...
  • Blog Post: Facebook Guiding Principles: Keep Learning

    Ongoing education is key in social media marketing, where new features and updates roll out weekly, if not daily. Actual accredited courses are hard to find and may be outdated by the time marketers even enroll, thanks to Facebook’s constantly evolving nature. Learning to stay abreast of these...