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Social Business Connection
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  • Blog Post: Plan for Success: How to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar

    One of the greatest challenges in social media is generating a stream of interesting, engaging content that fulfills the needs of your audience. To that end, an editorial calendar specifically for your social channels is a small time investment with potentially huge returns. An editorial calendar...
  • Blog Post: Drive social engagement with killer content: tips from AJ Bombers Burger Joint

    Content marketing is all the rage, but it’s more than just another catchy buzzword. High quality content helps drive engagement in social media by catching readers’ interest, offering solutions to their problems, or prompting them to take action. Wisconsin burger joint AJ Bombers , is...
  • Blog Post: Marketers need to think Gangnam

    How can a song in Korean about a sub-culture in a city most people can’t find on a map go globally viral? A song making fun of yuppie lifestyle in the Gangnam district of Seoul is now blasting in cities, small towns and villages all around the world. What should we learn from this colorful phenomenon...