Facebook Ads appear in a number of locations around the social network, both on the web and on mobile versions of the site. Advertisers have access to a handy tool to help them understand exactly what Facebook Premium ads will look like.

Facebook launched their Premium Offers early in 2012, promising better placement for advertisers using this option. Facebook’s Premium Offers is much like Twitter’s Promoted Tweets; marketers start with a specific post and can choose to increase its distribution through social advertising.

These premium page post ads replaced Facebook’s traditional premium ads, resulting in an increased ad size and more prominent social context information to display Likes and Comments. Facebook said at the time, “Premium Ads with enhanced social context are 80 percent more likely to be remembered, driving 40 percent higher engagement and a significant increase in purchase intent.”

The Facebook Demo Tool is an app with just 3 steps to create a simulation of what an ad will look like with Facebook Premium.

Click here to access the Facebook Demo Tool. Because this is an app, you will need to give permission for the application to access your Facebook account. Then follow these steps to see what your content might look like as a Sponsored Story or Premium Ad:

1. If you’ve used the tool before, Facebook will show you all previous demos, which you can edit. To start fresh, choose ‘New Demo.’

2. This takes you to the Content Composer page, where you can make a mockup of your Facebook Page and the content you plan to use as an ad. Upload your company’s Cover Image and Profile Picture so you will have a more complete idea of what your Sponsored Story or ad will look like. Facebook will then ask you to select two Friends; this is so the tool can display what social activity on the ad will look like. Click ‘Next Step’ to proceed.

Facebook Ads demo tool step one

3. Now, choose either ‘Sponsored Story’ or ‘Premium Ad’ to see what your ad product will look like to both web and mobile users. The tool explains the difference between the two:

“For your fans, your story will appear as a sponsored story on the right-hand side and it can also appear in news feed on both desktop and mobile. All of these placements are on Facebook's homepage… Premium on Facebook helps you maximize the number of people interacting with your brand and talking about you, while unlocking the power of fans and their friends.”

Facebook Ads demo tool step three

Now, you can mouse over the ads for helpful tips on how and where the ad type will be displayed. This is a great way to envision what your different ad products will look like, with social context and larger images, as Facebook displays them around the site.

Have you tried out the Facebook Demo Tool to preview your social ads and did you find it helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments!