We often hear from companies that they struggle with social media marketing and content because their business is “just boring” or “no one wants to talk about xyz.” If you find yourself wondering what it might take to get people interested in interacting with your company on social channels, take heart in this success story from Freed Maxick CPAs.

Accounting topics can be quite dry, so how has this regional accounting firm enticed over 30,000 fans to follow them on Twitter?

Their clever social strategy involves a great mix of informational, helpful content, limited posts about their own brand, and social ads to help amplify their content and presence. This random selection taken from their Twitter feed recently demonstrates the types of content Freed Maxick CPAs likes to share:

Share interesting content and engage with the community on Twitter.

Quite often, they are curating content for their fans by going out and finding interesting tweets or articles, blog posts, images and even cartoons from around the web. In doing so, they are accomplishing a number of things:

  •          They are positioning their firm as a social resource for people interested in all things accounting.
  •          They are reducing the burden of content creation by leveraging content created by others.
  •          They are actively participating in the accounting community by retweeting and sharing the works of others.
  •          They are establishing thought leadership and authority with a regular stream of useful content.

A great social content strategy certainly helps brands keep followers engaged and also increases the likelihood the brand will be top of mind when that fan needs the service in question. Great content can be amplified and help a brand greatly increase their reach using social ads.

In this case, Freed Maxick CPAs decided to try Promoted Tweets in order to get their content and Twitter account in front of new eyes. In all types of social advertising, it’s important to reach out and attract the types of followers who are most likely to be interested in your brand on an ongoing basis.

As a company serving clients in healthcare, manufacturing, government and not-for-profit, Freed Maxick CPAs decided to try to start conversations around President Obama’s Corporate Tax Reform Proposal on Twitter. This would allow them to actively participate in the conversation on a large scale and to showcase their expertise and thought leadership.

In addition, they didn’t want to have empty conversations that ended after a few exchanges; they wanted to use these interactions to generate leads for their business.

The firm promoted tweets offering their report to download and used the #Obama and #Tax hashtags to reach a targeted audience (see below).

Use Promoted Tweets to amplify content for lead generation.

As a result of their campaign, Freed Maxick CPAs were able to reach people further along in the buying cycle and influence their purchasing decisions. They saw a 110% increase in revenue from Twitter-generated leads and 95% of incremental revenue from new markets.

Content and conversation are how you demonstrate thought leadership and expertise in your industry. Amplification allowed Freed Maxick CPAs to do so on a grander scale that positively impacted their bottom line.

Have you used social ads to amplify your brand messages? Share your tips in the comments.