Twitter Tips: How a Photographer Grew His Audience with Promoted Accounts

Twitter Tips: How a Photographer Grew His Audience with Promoted Accounts

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Twitter Tips: How a Photographer Grew His Audience with Promoted Accounts

Twitter is a powerful tool for businesses of all types, but especially for small businesses or entrepreneurs. The potential for retweets and influencer interactions opens the door to massive exposure for individuals and smaller companies.

LA-based DJ photographer Drew Ressler (@Rukes) had a challenge: he wanted to find more people to follow him on Twitter. Given his career, he particularly wanted to connect with people who would be interested in his photography.

However, Ressler’s career also demands a hectic travel schedule, as he circles the world shooting electronica DJs. This is not a man with a lot of time to spend on self-promotion. He had to be able to manage his marketing while on the road, which might mean not being able to monitor it closely or make adjustments, even on a weekly basis.

One further consideration for the entrepreneur was cost; any proposed solution needed to be affordable and show a good return on his investment.

Ressler decided to try Promoted Accounts on Twitter, a solution we’ve discussed in the past thanks to its success for family-owned café and coffee roastery, Hampton Coffee.

One attractive feature is the daily maximum budget cap advertisers can set. Once that limit is reached, ads shut off until the next day, preventing overspending. Promoting an account means it will display in the “Who to Follow” section to relevant users. Because he travels and works globally, Ressler did not limit his targeting to one specific area. However, Twitter displayed the ad to users they identified as those most likely to be interested in his business.

Who to Follow on Twitter shows Promoted Accounts to relevant users.

Promoted Accounts work on a cost-per-follower basis, meaning advertisers only pay for the new followers they acquire. In his case, Ressler paid less than 30 cents for each new follower. Over the course of two months, 1,300 new people chose to follow his Twitter account and stay connected with his business.

Once a new follower connects with your business on Twitter, it’s critical to continue to deliver on the promise you made when they followed. This might not have been an explicit promise, but implied; people often review a Twitter feed before choosing to follow, to see if the content shared by the user is the type of content they’d like to see often. Make the most of your investment in social ads by retaining those who chose to follow you.

Tweet regularly and use photos, video or other visual content to add interest to your content mix wherever possible. Be personable but professional and always remember that Twitter is a conversation, not a broadcasting platform. Interact with fans and followers to ensure they remain loyal and continue to follow you in the future. Ressler has built his Twitter following to over 44,000 people and is still growing!

Promoted Accounts are one type of paid social advertising offered by Twitter. See Build a Dedicated Following with Twitter Promoted Tweets, Trends & Accounts for an introduction to other types of social ads to help you build your business.


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