Across social channels, companies are striving to better connect with their target audience through increasingly relevant, engaging content. LinkedIn’s targeted status updates are one tool helping marketers reach just the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

A recent case study from healthcare, lighting and lifestyle brand Philips shows how they used targeted status updates to increase follower engagement by 106%. The company was also able to build their audience and use the insights inherent to increased engagement to inform products and services.

With each new post to the LinkedIn Company Page, marketers have the ability to target specific audience segments according to:

  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Function
  • Seniority
  • Geography
  • Whether or not they are employees of the brand

Philips representatives explained how they used targeted status updates to build their following to over 205,000 members of the professional social network. “We need  to reach everyone from the C-suite, to clinicians, to design professionals. However, we know that not all of these groups are necessarily interested in everything we have to say,” said Clive Roach, social media strategist for Philips Healthcare.

“With social media, you want to tailor what your audiences see,” Roach explains. “When someone decides to become a follower of our LinkedIn Company Page, it’s nice if we can target our messages so as not to take up their time with content that’s not interesting to them.”

Roach and his team experimented with different targeting parameters and messaging to offer more relevant content to their global followers across health care, engineering and creative design. Press and employees were always included in their targeting, he said, to increase social sharing.

In the six-week period in which Philips ­first launched targeted status updates, post engagement rose by 106%. This figure includes all forms of engagement, including Likes and clicks through on content.

Corporate communications officer Stephanie Charron said, “The targeted updates helped us more than double the social interaction on the page, and that increased interaction created more value for our followers.”

Precise targeting helps companies using LinkedIn for social media marketing offer greater value through more relevant content, but also keeps those interested only in certain information from unfollowing the page.

Follow these best practices for targeted status update success on LinkedIn:

  • Know your audience as you are creating content to ensure relevance.
  • Experiment with different combinations of targeting parameters and measure results.
  • Ask your audience for input on what they want to see more or less of.
  • Keep status updates brief and to the point, focusing on a single issue at a time.

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