LinkedIn has exploded in popularity over the last year. By the end of 2012, the professional social network had surpassed 200 million members, 74 million of whom are from the United States. In addition, marketers spent over $83 million on LinkedIn Marketing Solutions on the final quarter of last year.

LinkedIn Pages are the foundation of brand presences on LinkedIn, though Groups are also a popular way for brands to connect with consumers. Lana Khavinson, Sr Product Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, recently released a series of recommendations to help marketers better engage their audience using status updates from the brand Company Page. Check out her tips:

1. Focus on relevance.

People choose to follow brands on social channels for a variety of reasons. Some seek insider information, some an education, and others still are shopping for deals and discounts. Whatever their motivation for following your brand, it’s critical that your social content is relevant to your audience.

LinkedIn offers an important tool to help marketers connect with the right followers, with the right content at the right time. Status update targeting allows you to display content to specific audience segments. Target audiences can be based on geography, company size, industry, job function or even seniority.

Learn more about Targeted Status Updates in this video from LinkedIn:

2. Curate content for an interesting, informative content mix.

Social channels are a great place to curate your own brand content – blog posts, videos, whitepapers, etc. However, it’s even more interesting for fans when there is a mix of external, industry content, as well. Curating news and other relevant content and sharing via LinkedIn can help establish your brand as highly informed thought leaders in your space. Become a hub of information for your fans to keep them engaged and returning for more.

3. Share content more widely than your own Page and ask for comments or shares.

Khavinson points out that marketers have the option to Share status updates with Groups as well as their Page. To avoid the appearance of spamming, use this strategy to share relevant information with Groups in which you are an active, engaged member.

Don’t be afraid to ask for comments or tell your audience to share your content.

4. Post brief updates often.

Brevity and frequency are key, according to Khavinson. One or two sentence updates are more attractive to readers than long missives. Share often to stay top of mind with followers. Focus on times of day when followers are likely to be online and checking for news or entertaining information.

Learn from your own experience.

Over time, you will learn which content types, topics and formats appeal most to your audience and spur engagement. Use your website and LinkedIn analytics to find the right content mix for your followers.



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