Iconic clothing company Vans is rapidly closing in on one million Facebook fans for their Canadian page, with over 120,000 talking about it on Facebook in the last week alone. How do brands encourage such great engagement among fans on a social network?

Have a look at their strategy and see if these tips and best practices help boost engagement with your company on Facebook:

1. Respond to All Comments Sincerely and Quickly

Respond to Facebook comments quickly and sincerely.

Complaints voiced through social channels are really just opportunities for companies to make the situation right in a public way. Acknowledge all feedback and take the conversation to a private location, where appropriate. The important thing is that others fans see that your company is responsive.

This is especially important when a customer has gone out of their way to leave positive feedback on your Facebook page, as seen above on the Vans wall. Do not ignore these opportunities to nurture a customer relationship!

2. Create a Good Content Mix and Use All Facebook Features Available

Create a good content mix and engage fans.

In this image, you can see that Vans uses the features available to them to post videos, create and publicize events, and more for their Facebook fans. Use images and multimedia to engage fans; Facebook shared recently that posts with a photo album, picture or video earn 180%, 120% and 100% more likes, comments and shares than the average post, respectively.

3. Offer Contact Information and a Clear Description for Fans

Keep a clean, organized About page on your company Facebook.

Make it simple for fans to take the next step and contact your company or complete a purchase by keeping an organized, well written About page on Facebook. Offer only the amount of information necessary and avoid cluttering the page with sales or promotional information. This is where people visit when they are looking for information; make it easy for them to find it and get in touch.

4. Offer Exclusive Information and Sneak Peeks Fans Can’t See Elsewhere

Offer Facebook fans exclusive information to boost engagement.

In the post above, Vans offered Facebook fans an advanced look into a video that hadn’t been released yet. Offering fans exclusive access and information is a great loyalty building strategy and also entices others to follow your Page. People want to feel they are getting something in return for advocating for your brand and choosing to allow you access to them in a social setting. Give them something special!

How does your company engage Facebook fans? Share your best tips in the comments!