6 Social Content Creation & Editing Tools for Repurposing Existing Content

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6 Social Content Creation & Editing Tools for Repurposing Existing Content

Repurposing social content allows companies to get more bang for their buck, so to speak. Once you've invested in the creation of a piece of content, it can be used in a number of ways to increase its mileage.

For example, a video can be converted to a series of images using screen capture and photo editing tools, which can then be uploaded to a photo site like Flickr. When properly described and tagged, these images become searchable on the web.

The audio track from a video can be converted to an mp3 file and shared across social networks or on a podcast channel. A series of blog posts can be converted to an e-book customers may find useful when making purchasing decisions, or looking for innovative ways to use a product.

The possibilities are endless with a bit of creativity and tools to help you repurpose content. Here are just a few to try out:

Jing is a photo and video screen capture tool with many business uses.

Audacity – Audio Recording and Editing Software

Audacity allows users to record audio content, then edit and convert the file to mp3 format for sharing. This could be used for just about anything: recording audio customer testimonials, describing the different ways a product is used, sharing industry news and more. Best of all, this program is free to download and use.

Jing – Capture Screenshot Images and Videos

Jing (pictures at right) is a free screen capture tool with both image and video capabilities. Users can instantly capture a screenshot image or record up to 5 minutes of video. Use this handy tool to grab images from your videos or demonstrate how to best navigate your website or complete a purchase, for example.

Snagit – Jing’s Older Sibling

Another member of the TechSmith family, Snagit works much like Jing, but is the pro version. As such, it has additional features, such as image editing and the ability to record videos longer than 5 minutes. Use Snagit when you need to blur out sensitive information in your content, record or capture information all the way down a long webpage, or upload videos straight to YouTube.

Google+ Free Photo Editing

If you have a Gmail account, you already have a Google+ account. Since Google bought Picnik and incorporated the photo editor into their social network, users have had access to a powerful – and free! – image editor. To keep photos private, do not share them with your social network after saving. Add your company watermark to images, convert images to optimal sizes for social networks, and more.

Wordle – Convert Text to Attractive Word Cloud Images

Wordle is a simple, web-based tool for creating images out of text. Type in a series of words that describe your company, campaign, or other message you want to share socially. Wordle converts these to an image of words with interchangeable fonts and color schemes. Add these as an image in a blog post, or on your company Facebook account as part of your content mix.

Ebookcake – Turn Blog Posts Into Web & Mobile Friendly E-Books

Converting existing blog posts to an e-book can be as simple as using Microsoft Word and saving the file as a PDF. However, services like Ebookcake offer a little something extra by way of a variety of file formats and advanced editing options. They create e-books in .epub, .mobi and .pdf formats, to maximize utility and make your work mobile-friendly. Use this to create helpful books for customers, prospects or social fans.

Repurposing content gives each piece you create a greater life span and opens the doors to new networks and audiences across the web. Are you getting the most value out of each piece of content your company creates? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Thanks for sharing these tools.  SnagIt and MS Snipping tool are critical tools, but I need to check out Jing.  As most gravitate to infographics, visual images in blogs and easily shareable images, these are great tools to help keep the content moving.   I usually include a Wordle slide in my presentations to highlight key features and terms.

  • These are great for presentations. At ReadyPulse we are trying to enable a similar curation workflow from social networks to the web and e-commerce sites, generally to showcase testimonials or social reviews. I haven't seen an audio solution until you mentioned Audacity. I will check them out - thanks for the tip.