The English Cheesecake Company are a Facebook marketing success story.

The English Cheesecake Company wanted to use Facebook in the same way as many others: to help build their brand and promote their products. However, their goals also included increasing repeat purchases, customer spend and new customer acquisition, areas in which other companies have historically struggled.

The issue isn't whether or not a Facebook Page can help companies achieve these goals, but in measurement that allows businesses to directly attribute Facebook activities to these business metrics. Right from the start, marketers at The English Cheesecake Company understood they needed to be able to measure the value of their Facebook marketing activities.

Their story is one of great success in Facebook marketing, showcasing the possibilities when companies take a multi-faceted approach to their Page. In one year, The English Cheesecake Company saw:

  • their Facebook Page actively driving sales, increasing to their current high of 30% of new sales coming from Facebook, and
  • an 11-fold increase in their fan base, taking them from 2,000 to over 23,000 fans.

Just over a year ago, they set out to build a more meaningful, engaging experience for fans. They set up a Facebook Store to help drive measurable sales from their fans. The English Cheesecake Company assigned one staff member the sole responsibility of providing customer service to all Facebook customers.

Fan base building requires an expanded reach, beyond the company’s own network, to put their Page in front of fresh eyes. The English Cheesecake Company used highly targeted Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories to achieve this goal. They were able to use specific interests such as “bakery” or “cheesecake,” as well as demographic information, to ensure their ads were reaching the right Facebook members.

The next important step in their marketing plan has been a content strategy that focuses on interesting, visually appealing and engaging content for new and existing fans.

The English Cheesecake Company holds contests and opinion polls to engage fans.

The English Cheesecake Company regularly holds “Flavour Opinion Polls” to engage fans and get valuable feedback on their products. Other initiatives, like a cheesecake naming competition (results post pictured above at left), give fans a vested interest in the company and their creations.

Using all of the Facebook Page features available to them, including cover images, featured posts, apps, and photo albums, The English Cheesecake Company has been able to implement a content strategy that reinforces their paid advertising efforts. As a result, they can accurately measure the effects of their Facebook marketing campaigns and clearly see the return on their investment in the social network.

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