We hear a lot of buzz about different social media networks and which one works better than another. In reality, using a combination of sites together is a solid strategy for reaching the greatest number of fans.

Individual fans each have their own preferences as far as which sites they like and the types of information they prefer to receive on each. Having a presence on different social networks and understanding your audience is incredibly important.

TerraCycle is a great example of a company using Facebook and Twitter together for a cohesive social strategy that addresses the needs of their audience. The New Jersey-based recycling company has won over 39,800 fans on Facebook and earned an additional 19,600 Twitter followers.

Over the past ten years, TerraCycle have built their business turning household waste into creative consumer products into a multi-million dollar enterprise. When it comes to social media, they’re doing just about everything right to generate conversation around their brand, inspire consumers, and engage people across social websites. They blog and regularly publish videos in addition to connecting with people across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Meet the Needs of Your Community by Offering Choices

A new visitor to the TerraCycle website or any one of their social accounts can choose how they would like to connect with the brand on an ongoing basis. Their Twitter and Facebook pages are prominently interlinked, allowing fans to choose which platform they prefer. If fans choose to follow the company through more than one social site, TerraCycle has an even greater opportunity to engage the fan more often.

On Facebook, they use the About Us section to display their corporate website address and Twitter profile just below the Facebook Page cover image.

TerraCycle on Facebook

TerraCycle’s Twitter Page then links to their website and Facebook Page from the space in the Twitter cover image, right at the top of their feed.

TerraCycle on Twitter, linking back to Facebook.

Use Social Accounts to Drive Traffic to Facebook Apps

TerraCycle have added a number of interactive Facebook apps to their Page, effectively increasing engagement by offering fun, interesting activities for users. One is their Carbon Footprint Calculator, where fans can see the effect of their transportation activities and buy offsets without even leaving the Facebook Page.

Use Twitter to drive traffic to Facebook Apps.

Other apps allow fans to play games, like the “Trash Tycoon” game, or participate in a “Green Globes” contest by submitting their own videos through the Facebook app.

TerraCycle use tweets to drive their Twitter traffic back to Facebook. The great thing about this tactic is that promotion on Twitter can result in retweets that expose the brand’s Facebook Page to followers of fans, increasing the reach and exposure for their Page on Twitter as well as Facebook. They are able to get in front of people they otherwise would not have connected with and those people can become fans, as well.

Use and Optimize Content Across Multiple Social Networks

TerraCycle uses their content across multiple networks, but they do so wisely. Posting the same message across Facebook and Twitter fails to address the nuances of each site. Tweets are generally shorter, to the point, and link out to additional information. On Facebook, pictures help increase engagement and longer messages work. Still, it can seem a burden to create enough content to keep both presences active and interesting.

They combat this by using the same content, but putting a unique spin on it to optimize the message for the audience on each site. See this recent example to understand how this works. TerraCycle found some interesting statistics about holiday cards, a timely topic considering the season. On Twitter, they posted a single sentence about the amount of cards sold each year and used a hashtag to make their tweet more searchable and discoverable. 

On Facebook, however, they switched it up a bit. The topic is the same and this required no extra research on their part, yet TerraCycle found a generic picture of a greeting card rack to illustrate their point, making this post more in line with what Facebook fans like. This time, they shared the statistic on how many cards are actually sent and asked fans to Share their post… and they did, 83 times!

TerraCycle tailors content for their audience on Facebook.

What other lessons can you take from TerraCycle’s social strategy? Share any others that you spot in the comments here for other readers!