Social media marketing for B2B companies requires a fundamental shift and a marked change in their marketing strategy. Increasingly, prospects and customers use search engines and social media networks to research solutions for their business problems, long before traditional marketing material even reaches them. As a result, companies need to think differently about how their messages reach the masses.

One incredibly effective solution: act like a publishing company. Developing an ‘always on’ content strategy allows businesses to provide customers with content around topics that meet their business needs. 

Traditionally, companies of all sizes were set up to create and drive content at isolated times, around one-time campaigns that occur a few times a quarter. Layers of people (marketing, legal, brand, etc.) heavily vetted this content before it launched.

Nowadays, B2B prospects and customers use social media networks and online communities to research solutions for their business problems. They connect to streams of content through these channels to stay informed. Companies need to be the source of the streams the customers seek.

The problem is that these streams are “always on”, and companies need to keep them filled all day, every day with great content. They then need to be able to have conversations around this content. And, lastly, they need to convert customers to leads.

At the end of the day, they need to act like a publishing/media company that builds a steady, growing audience that keeps coming back for more content.

The biggest benefit of this strategy is that the companies no longer need to spend incremental dollars every time a new campaign launches. Instead, with a strong publishing mindset, the company's audience keeps coming back for more content and shares the content with their friends to grow the audiences without more spend on customer acquisition. Customers are overwhelmed by the volume of content on the web and want to find reliable hubs of great, vetted content. You can be that hub!

This sounds daunting, but the content can come from a number of places. Relevant content can be curated from the web, original content can be repurposed and reused, videos can be repurposed using screenshot images or transcriptions; the possibilities are endless. The result is the ability to scale with less incremental investments.

Thinking like a publisher helps B2B companies use social media more effectively.

Think about all of the different content you read yourself on a weekly basis. Share it with your community; show them your commitment to and passion for the industry. Use images, videos, or guest posts as part of your content mix, to keep things interesting without taking up all of your time.

Finally, use an editorial calendar to plan your publishing strategy in advance and stay on track.

Thinking like a publishing company will make your content marketing more efficient, your presence in social channels more effective, and allow you to have a much stronger relationship with your customers when they are ready to purchase. In the meantime, they will rely on your content to stay up to date on industry trends and how your products are evolving to better suit their needs. Oh, and also, you will massively scale your marketing spend!

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