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(Redirected) E5570 Storage Options

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I have an E5570 with an 500GB HDD. I am a bit disappointed with performance and want to get an SDD.

Physically, I understand I can fit ONE of:


2) M.2 SSD (additional parts required)

3 PCIe SSD ((additional parts required)

I would like to choose option 2 or 3 and at a later date (when prices come down) add a SATA SSD with a MO297 slim form factor (this should fit physically)

My current budget is < 200 USD, I do need 500Gb.

- Will the E5570 boot from a M.2. or PCIe SDD?

- What is the preferred choice M.2 or PCIe? 

- Can the E5570 BIOS handle thie proposed type 2 SDDs of configuration?

Thanks in advance for answers and advise

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