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Change sign-in name?

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Change sign-in name?

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Hello! Is it possible to change one's sign-in name? I've tried changing the name under Basic Options and Sign-in name under Sign-in information, but an hour or two later nothing's changed. Thank you.

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  • Hi Cybersky,

    You will need to make the changes in your Dell account first. Then you will be able to change it here.


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  • Could you please tell me how? When I look at my Dell account, I see my first and last name, but nowhere do I see "CyberSky" used anywhere. When I come here, I see "CyberSky" on one page in settings but when I change it nothing happens. It also appears as sign-in name on another tab, but there's no text box, so it can't be changed.

  • Hi CyberSky,

    Here is how you can change your username:

    If that's not working, send me a private message and I'll see what I can get done.  Thanks.