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Crippled Customer Service

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Crippled Customer Service

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No, I don't mean I'm crippled; I mean Dell Customer service is crippled.  They don't respond to service requests, and even on this forum, I got one Dell response asking me to detail my complain because the "feel my frustration."  So I did, and months later, after my posting followup queries, they still have not answered.

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  • Hi GabrielET,

    Thanks for posting.

    I'll be happy to contact the agent who assisted you previously and see what the status of your case is.  In the meantime, could you please fill out the Unresolved Issues form?  You will need your Service Request (SR) Number from the time they came out to repair your computer.

  • Thank you for getting back to me on this, Robert.

    At this time I haven't entered a service request, essentially because I've already had service techs out here three times (not for my current problem), and simply wanted a direct contact with Dell so as to express my extreme displeasure with this machine, it's fundamental design, and the many things that make my old i3 - 1545 more usable than my new i7-based, nice-looking, form-over-function piece of flotsam.

    When the last contact on this forum said they wanted to help, and asked me to detail my concerns, and then very promptly never contacted me again, I thought I would just continue to reduce Dell's profit margin further into the negative digits by calling for more on-site service.  But at this time, I would rather be able to communicate directly with a Dell rep - in the states - to express how utterly disillusioned I - who have bought many Dell computers for myself and as gifts - am.

    However, Robert, I would welcome any suggestions you may have in this matter - as well as conveying my "disappointment" (a mild expression of the truth) with the previous rep who didn't just drop the ball, but likely - and intentionally - flushed it down the toilet.

  • You have a Service Request already.  If a technician came to your house, then an SR was created, please use that number in your Unresolved Issues form. 

    My suggestions are to take advantage of the warranty you paid for.  You spent the money on a warranty, you might as well get the most of it.  

    I appreciate your concerns, and I do apologize for agents not getting back to you, however if you could send me your service tag number in a private message, I'd be happy to look up the status of your latest SR.  Thanks.