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(Redirected) T7600 Desktop Computers

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I couldn't figure out how to post in the desktop group. 

Receiving message while running the dell diagnostic test:
msg-hard drive no hard drive detected or disk controller not supported.  The computers only show one hard drive listed
in the Dell diagnostic, so I cannot determine which hard drive is bad. One of
the T7600 computers now will not even complete a windows boot up, it will go to
the dell splash screen and restart, and an orange lights stays on the power
supply, so I am thinking that one has bad power supply along with a bad hard
drive that I cannot determine which is bad.


The T7610 pc had a hard drive error message along with
system fan error message, I replaced the systems fans on Thursday last week and
now it’s sitting on the screen of Initializing Boot..


When the pc’s boot up black dos screen

0 non-raid disk found the host adapter

0 non-raid disk handled by BIOS

1 virtual drive found on the host adapter

1 virtual drive handled by BIOS

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