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How to get Silica Gel stuck in Headphone Jack out

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How to get Silica Gel stuck in Headphone Jack out

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There's a silica gel stuck inside my headphone jack and it won't come out. I tried carefully scratching the silica to break it but it was too loose so it moved around. Does anyone know what i can do to get it out. 

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  • Hi Kristalp99,

    I would take a sewing needle or pin to try to get it out since it`s loose.


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  • Sewing needle idea is pretty good ... just make sure machine is completely off. Toothpick is not as thin but is non-conductive. Either way ... be very careful and use a magnifying glass and flashlight.
    Using a vacuum cleaner nozzle on it comes to mind.

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  • Have you tried pointing the jack down and gently shaking the laptop?

    With the lappy off, disconnected from its power brick and the battery removed, you could try a sharp pointy "eyebrow" tweezers.

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  • How about a high-powered vacuum cleaner?

  • hair dryer pointed at the hole to dry out the gel which shrinks it. if you point it downward while occasionally blowing hot air on it the ball should shrink enough to just fall out.

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