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Black Screen After Bios Update failed Inspiron 5755

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Black Screen After Bios Update failed Inspiron 5755

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Hello i need help with my computer,um i recently used a inspiron 5755 and i updated my bios so that i could fix something. unfortunately,it froze half way through and i didn't know what to do so i had no choice but to turn my laptop off.the screen was frozen and not making more progress so i could not move my mouse nor access task manager to quit the problem.i have not seen that many errors people have with the inspiron 5755 so i don't know if there's many fixes to it.

the problem i'm having now is that when i boot up my computer i have a blackscreen,not even a dell logo just nothing,and i can still hear the fans going but there's nothing displayed on my laptop screen.i have tried many methods of getting around it but it each attempt failed.i tried to hold End while the battery was out and then plugging in my ac-adapter but it wouldn't work.i really would like to know if any of the usb flash drive methods would work for my laptop because i don't want to go through the pain of disassembling my laptop or resetting my bios.if there's any thing you could do to help me i would appreciate it :)

if you can fix it like this one please tell me,

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    The typical remedy for failed, or corrupt BIOS flash, is to replace the motherboard.

    If the PC still has a Dell warranty, contact Dell Technical Support and tell the Techie, that you tried to upgrade the BIOS and it failed.



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  • Well,iv'e saw many other ways and as i said i don't really want to go through all of that trouble and there a flash drive fix similar to that link in the post.thank you.