Extremely disappointed - DELL Support

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Extremely disappointed - DELL Support

  • I usually don't do this but because of the complete lack of support from Dell I'm posting out to the community to let you know just how bad their off shore support really is...

    • Ordered a computer pre-Christmas
    • Ordered an LCD
    • Paid 2nd day air support

    LCD arrived, no computer

    Called Dell they had no idea other then, oh we delivered that.  Check with wife make sure box arrived, no box.  I got a call from a random guy in the city I live to tell me he had my computer along with his computer.  The computer was sent to the wrong address BUT inside the address and billing was correct.

    I called Dell support back, who told me more or less to track the package myself and start contact other dell customer.  I was furious because they basically said it wasn't their problem.   OK never got the computer, never signed for the computer so I said I'm cancelling the order.  They more or less say they will send me another one once they find the missing one.  I said fine but I'm not paying twice for the system.  Then I get an e-mail asking me to file a police report on a stolen computer.  Hell no I said, their system, never came to my home and I'm not even sure it was stolen.

    Mind this all happened over Christmas and New Year so thanks Dell for calling me in the middle of family functions, thanks for not getting the computer to me as promised and thanks for shipping me to some off shore call center where they did absolutely nothing.  Good job!

    I'm so furious that I'd prefer to pay a little more money for good service and there will never be another dell machine purchased for my home or business.  Oh Dell BTW I purchase literally 100s of system a year but I can promise you after this there will never be another one.

    So if your thinking of purchasing a dell and you can get through the rant above I really recommend you go to another system provider.  Dell has fallen so far over the years.  They have outsourced to much to the point where customer support is nothing more then some overseas person reading off a template and attempting to placate you.  Its actually insulting in the end.

    There you go, maybe I will feel better letting people know the nightmare they may be in for if they need Dell support.


  • Hi BMay1968,

    Sorry for the way this was handled, I may be able to assist.  Please contact me privately by clicking my username, then on the next page, click the envelope icon that says "send message" and send me your information.  I'll see what I can do.  Thanks.



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