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How to log in a complaint on Dell customer service?

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How to log in a complaint on Dell customer service?

  • I had placed so many phone calls to Dell customer service to get a price of a defective hard drive which was replaced by Dell but which I wish to keep.  I called for 3 days in a row and kept being instructed to call back the next day to get an answer. Every time I called, I was placed on hold and then transfered from one agent to another, from one department to another. And Dell agents kept assuring me that they logged all the details under my case number and all i have to do is to give my case number for the next agent to help me. Yet, every agent kept asking me to repeat my story over and over. And they all have an accent and I have an accent which makes the conversation really hard to follow. This process costs me 30-45 minutes on the phone everyday, for the last 3 days, without getting anywhere. The last time I called, not  only the agent had a heavy accent , making it impossible for me to understand him, he was rude and short-tempered and he bullied me in accepting to be transferred to the technical support department which I have no need since I have a pricing issue and not a technical issue.


    How do I get over this impasse created by Dell's outsourcing their customer service to foreigners with heavy accent? 

  • It sounds as though they have already sent the replacement hard drive, but if they have not, simply bypass Dell's warranty. When they send you a drive and charge you the cost of keeping the old hard drive (essentially the cost of a replacement drive), that cost is higher than buying a drive locally...

    If they have already sent the drive and you are simply trying to find the cost of keeping the old one, I'd recommend just doing nothing. Do not send back the old drive. When they do not get it by its due back date, they will let you know what you owe on it.

    On that note, simply logging in to your Dell Account may show the charge there. When Dell replaced a part for me on a machine, the charge showed up in my account until they received the defective item back.

    As far as logging a complaint, Dell does not have an official place to complain. However, since you issue seems unresolved, you can try the Unresolved Issues link at the bottom of this page.

    Hope this info. is helpful.

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  • Thank you, hrova ! It gives me something to go by.

    I wish i could  find out the price so i can decide whether it is worth to keep it or not.

  • I agree that Dell *should* be able to provide a price realtively easily, and it is wrong of them not to do so.

    Having said that, whenever people have been charged for keeping a drive, they are shocked at its high price through Dell. I can state with almost 100% certainty that you are better off buying locally and bypassing the warranty.

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  • I think you are out of the subject, your comments about foreigners with heavy accent offend many people. your input shouldn't be posted period.

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