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DRMK V8.00...

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DRMK V8.00...

  • After attempting to restore the computer to original condition at the beginning, it used Symantic Ghost 8.0 and asked if I wanted to restore to factory and I agreed but then it didn't do it but came up with :  "Loading PBR for descriptor1...done and then DRMK V8.00..." and that was the end of the computer.  It would not restore to factory and it would not boot to windows.  I'm waiting for a replacement computer but I wonder what happened.  Any ideas?

  • After the restore it should seal PBR 1 and boot PBR 2.

    If an update for diagnostic was used, sometimes that will mess up a file

    in the root of PBR 1 called seal.ini which must have service tag = to bios service tag

    to seal. If it doesn't, it will not seal.

  • Is there a way to get into the "root of PBR 1 or PBR 2"?  The computer when it boots repeats the PBR 1 complete and then hangs on the next message.  I can get into the Bios but don't know if that will help.  seal.ini would be where?  Windows will not load so what to do?

  • Hello chseder

    You need to get ptedit.exe and fix partition table.

    first row in ptedit should be  "DE" second should be "00" not "80" change it to "00"

    second row in ptedit should be "07" second should be "80" not "00" change it to "80"

    make sure you don't change anything else and save it. This will fix problem.

    Do this in "DOS"

    Hope this helps.

  • I don't know how to get to Dos  I have F2 for bios and F12 for boot sequense and control alt delete to reset but I don't know a sequence of keys that will get me to the command prompt in DOS--do you Tom?


  • Hello chseder

    I know you can't boot from hard drive, so what do you have that will boot?

    A flash drive or maybe a CD, either into DOS or Windows. If you do have

    something that will boot into windows and not DOS, you can use PTEdit32.exe.

    You will need to boot computer and run ptedit or ptedit32 to fix the computer.

    You can use the F12 to select boot from CD, or USB if you have a bootable flash drive.