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Need Inspiron 18200 - PP01X user manual

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Need Inspiron 18200 - PP01X user manual

  • I have been given a used Dell Inspiron 18200 which has no hard drive.  I need to install the hard drive, but, Ithere is no user manual for it and I can't find where to install the hard drive.  I tried to look up the model number and such on the Dell website, but, the 18200 is not in the list provided. for the manuals.

    I am new to Dell products and not familiar with them at  all.  I would truly appreciate it if someone could either tell me where the hard drive is located, provide a snippet of where it is, or perhaps a link to the manual page of the website that I can download.

    Thank you :-)




  • There is no Inspiron 18200 - it's an Inspiron 8200.  The service manual is here:

    The hard drive needs a sled and a connector (goes over the pins on the back of the drive):

    The drive is a 2.5" 9.5 mm EIDE (NOT SATA) unit, 120G or smaller.


  • Hi, Tinkrbell:

    There is no model 18200, so it's hard for me to help.

    Here is the manual for the Inspiron 8200 <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>. 

    The model number should be just above the keyboard, if you could check.

  • Hi! :-)


    Thank you for your time to help.  I was reading the modle info from the label on the bottom of the latopt and it says Inspiron 18200, but, that may be and i instead of a 1.  Inside the lid it does say 8200.  Sorry for the confusion.  Not used the the Dell stuff, Dude. Wink :-)   This is my first experience with a Dell.

    I finally found the little drawer on the one side and it had a little baggie with what looked like an adaptor for the drive, and I noticed that the drive pins did not match up with what was on the inside of the drawer area.  I put the adaptor onthe drive pins and then inserted the drawer and secured it with the screws.  The drive had Vista SP2 Ultimate and XP Pro installed on it, and the boot manager did come up, but, nothing would load.  I guess I will have to reinwtall everything from scratch.

    I will need to have the manual to make sure I don't mess anything up. My other laptop is an HP Pavilion zv6000. I have upgraded the Dell as much as it will go and plan on using it for my grandkids when they visit.  It has a 100 GB drive and 1 gig of memory, so it should be fine for their needs. \

    Thanks gain for your time and help, it is much appreciated. :-)



  • Hi Osprey :-)

    Thank you for the link to the manuals.  I guess I have to download them one at a time, but, that is ok.  Being new to the world of Dell, I know that I will be in need of them. :-)


    You are correct, I was looking at the back of the laptop when I posted before, and had not noticed the model number inside yet. It is a 8200. And oldie to be sure, but, it should suffice for my needs. Could also cvome in handy for beta testing too, inadditoin to my PC's and Mac Pro. Stick out tongue

    Thank you  again for your time to help, I really appreciate it. :-)




  • The 8200 is still a good basic machine. I recently sold an even older Inspiron 8000 for $65, so there are still a few miles left in that 8200.