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Dell Inspiron 5100 will not boot

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Dell Inspiron 5100 will not boot

  • Hi all

    I have a dell dimension 5100 that i am trying to repair for a friend when you go to boot it it gets to the dell logo then stops, There is no way to boot into setup or safe mode because it does not boot far enough to press F2 F8 or F12  on the front panel the diagnostic lights only 2,3,4 light up the 1 lights up then goes out again I was told it was a power supply problem so used a known good power supply but the same thing happened. I used what i thought was the bad power supply in a good PC and it worked fine no problems at all. Next i was told that it may be a usb problem so i removed everything usb and still the same thing happened. Then i  completely removed everything from the case then rebuilt it but still the same thing happens . Next i used a post diagnostic card to check for errors and it gave me this error  (3A Interval Timer Channel 2 Bad ) just being a novice this means nothing to me  Does this mean that the motherboard is toast or is their a way to fix this


                              I would be grateful for any advice thanks :@

  • Hi, Wolbor13:

    Check the troubleshooting section first, then post in the desktop general hardware section. Sounds like the interval timer chip is bad. You could try a BIOS update.

    Please be sure to put Dimension, not Inspiron, in your subject.

  • Hi Osprey4

    Thanks for your reply

    I have tried all that i found relavent from the trouble shooting section but to no avail . I cannot do a bios update because the PC does not boot far enough to use the keyboard it boots to the dell logo then freezes the keyboard and mouse are USB and they dont work thus i cannot boot into the setup menu or into safe mode. I am at the point where i am thinking of replacing the motherboard .I would appreciate any more advice that you may have  before i have to do  this 


                                                                                                                                 Dell Dimension 5100 will not boot

                                                                                                                                           Thanks Wilbor13