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how to track a stolen laptop

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how to track a stolen laptop

  • I purchased one Dell Inspiron laptop around 3 weeks back and I came for a visit to Israel with my laptop. Unfortunately my laptop has been stolen. Is it possible to locate my laptop with the help of the serial number? I don't have any trackking software installed in my laptop.

  • You can report it stolen to Dell, but it's not going to be possible for you to track it - contact the police and let them work on it.

    In the US,


  • I believe my laptop was stolen, how do I know or find out if my laptop has a trakking device. I still have my box and everything. I am pretty positive it is registered as well. I am also going to file a stolen laptop report with a list of the names of the people I believe could have it. Is there a way to try to locate it on here or anything ??? It just happened a day ago. Thanks.

  • Bacline1226,

    Sorry to hear your laptop was stolen. 

    You should notify the Police in your area and file a report, then use this link to notify Dell that the laptop was stolen: 

    If you happened to purchase and installed LoJack for Laptops, then your computer can be traced and returned to you, otherwise you will have to wait for the Police to recover it and return it to you.  You can also check with your homeowner's or renter's insurance to see if it's covered, that way you can get it replaced.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi all. My laptop was stolen. I live in Egypt. I tried to fill the stolen system form but it is for the US users. What I should do? Please help. Thanks inadvance for your help.
  • spikymah,


    If the laptop had LoJack...

    LoJack Report a Theft


    If the laptop did not have LoJack, report the theft to the authorities and then you can...

    Dell Report a Stolen System


    There is no way to track the computer.





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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  • Pudgyone, Thanks for your quick answer. Unfortunatelt I did not install LoJack, I've report the theft to the police. And when I went to Dell report a stolen system, I found it for US users only. Is there another form for users outside USA. Thanks Spikymah
  • I can't find a working or non-US link either... will continue searching...

  • US form is all I can find still... ridiculous...

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