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Why do I have to reset network adaptor - local area connection to get to the internet?

  • Help...I have a Dell Demension Desktop computer and am running VISTA.  Prior to a week ago (I didn't make any changes to the computer) I was quickly able to get on the internet.  Now about 80% of the time I get a "unable to communicate with Primary DNS Server ( after a run the recommended diagnostic test.  I am then prompted to "reset network adaptor - local area connection".  After this repair everything works great.  I have checked the Ethernet cord and it appears to be fine, plugged appropriately (again I did not make any changes or did not move the computer prior to).  I have talked with ATT (have service thru them) and they told me that the problem is not with their equipment (modem) instead it is something with my computer.  Any ideas?  thank you

  • I am assuming your are using broadband.  Are you using a router? does not look like a primary DNS IP address.   Run ipconfig /all from the command line when you can not connect and againg when you can connect and post the results.

  • Always start with the easiest thing first, and in this case that would be the cable. Cables are funny. it could be something so close to tolerance that only a very slight movement could set it right. Do you happen to have another cable you could swap out with the one you are using now? Anyone close by that could let you swap out a cable for a short time? It's not a cup of suger, they'll get it back.

    I'd say to start with the cable and then work your way down the list.

    Dell Demension I'm not familiar with. Is that a tower? What I'm heading for is if the cable checks out okay, then I'd go for the next easy target, dirt. Amazing what a little dust, or piece of lint, or any such "dirt types" can do to perplex the operator of a machine. Dirt was here before humans and likes to cause us human types with our fancy machines all sorts of trouble. Water likes to pull the same tricks.

    EDIT: I type slow and <msgale> got his posted before I did, so let me add an edit to indicate that my post isn't meant as a response to his or his idea.

    2nd EDIT: I guess I should add, though, that whenever I see a problem that manifests itself off and on I always think hardware first.