Inspiron 1545 - F8 restore factory settings not working

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Inspiron 1545 - F8 restore factory settings not working

  • Hi,

    I have an Inspiron 1545 laptop that I bought in November last year. I restored the factory settings a while ago to solve an issue and would like to do it again but when I try the F8 on the boot menu and choose repair my computer option it goes straight to the normal log-in and I don't get the option to restore.

    Is there another way I can restore my laptop to the state it was in when I got it? Any ideas greatly appreciated!

  • You would have to install from the reinstall disk. You should have mentioned your operating system since the directions to restore are different for each. Read this.

  • Hi Mary G,

    Thanks. It's Windows Vista Home Premium..

  • Hi, Have you seen this support document HERE.


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  • Cheers Robin.