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Studio 17 i7 build time

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Studio 17 i7 build time

  • I ordered a Studio 17 with the Core i7 processor on 9/29/2009. The ship date I was given was 11/9/2009 which I was less than happy with but I understand there is a limit on the number of  i7 processors Dell can get their hands on right now.


    However on 10/17/2009 I noticed the ship date for a new order of the same system had dropped from 11/27/2009 to 11/9/2009. I figured this meant that the date for my build should have also dropped by roughly 18 days, so it should have shipped on or around 10/22/2009. I have waited 11 days since the date dropped for new purchases, hoping I would receive mine early this week; however the ship date has never been updated in the account and the status is still "In Progress".


    Has this happened to anyone else?


    Should I expect my laptop to just show up any day now while the site still says "In Progress" or is someone who ordered their laptop nearly 3 weeks after me really going to get theirs at the same time as me???

  • From my own experience as well as what I have read, I would expect that anyone that purchases the same system will not get it by 11/9.  I am not sure what sets the original ship date, but I am not sure anyone really gets their system around the date first quoted. 

    One additional thought, it may not be the chip that is causing the delay.  is there anything else in your configuration that is different from the system with the earlier date?   It may be that something else is causing the delay.

  • I would say that you can count on your "anticipated" delivery date to be extended at around midnight going into your delivery date.

    I waited 6 weeks for my Studio XPS 1645, anxious to see it arrive in all of it's glory on my door step and the e-mail at 2:30am the day of my supposed delivery to notify me that my order had been delayed! Do you really think it was an unknown until 2:29am on 10/27/09, could it be a fluke...merely a simple error or last minute technical issue with a piece of hardware malfunctioning...maybe gremlins foolishly ran away with the crate containing our shinny new i7 processors????


    OR...maybe, in all of Michael Dell's wisdom, he decided to close the Round Rock, TX. assembly plant and outsource his production evironment to the lowest bidder in China who hasn't a clue what it means to meet a commitment, nor do they care because at the cost per hour they perform their services it is not possible to increase production capacity for spikes in demand! That would require an amendment to the negotiated contract and increased cost per unit....not gonna happen in this lifetime!

    Michael gets his big fat paycheck regaurdless of this type of performance! However, once the demand drops based on a shift to  competing products by global consumers who are fed up with being treated like ignorant - mindless drones...then he may take action! But it will require a greater spend, increased overhead and prices to the consumer go up in order to defer impacting the bottom line and erroding margin further (profits, shareholder value, greenbacks) which is not an attractive solution.

    So...sit back and be patient, your order will find it's way across the pond eventually. (maybe)