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Question about Dell Studio function keys

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Question about Dell Studio function keys

  • Is there a toggle for the Function keys?  I would rather have the "blue" functions be on all the time & then have to press the Fn key to use the "white" & "orange" keys (like the audio/video keys)  Is that possible?



  • This is a huge design defect.  As far as I know there is no toggle, you just have to hold down the blue "Fn" key (lower right corner of your keyboard) while hitting the f key in order to restore the original function of that "f" key.  So for example F1 is usually a help screen, but if you hit F1 you will get Toggle-to-external-display...  But if you hold down Fn and hit F1 you will get a help screen.

    In order to restore the original F key functions permanently you have to do the following (this is a transcript from my live-chat help session):

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    Please restart your computer. When the blue DELL logo screen appears, hit the “F2” key about 6-7 times immediately. The system setup screen would appear on screen.
    Please scroll down to “ Advanced ” with the right arrow key of the keyboard .
    Please scroll down to “Function Key Behavior ” with the down arrow key of the keyboard and press “Enter”.
    It would be set to "multimedia". You have to set it to function by pressing the right arrow key and then press enter.
    Then Press Esc key and go to save changes and exit and press enter.


    Good luck to ya!


  • beecroft, that is very helpful - appreciate the detailed instructions.  VCrptr, did you try yet - i'm a little nervous!


  • it's taken me a long time to get back to this whole function key thing.  But YES, allelujiah, yippee, changing it in the BIOS worked!!  I have my function keys back!

    thank you so very, very much for the detailed instructions!!!



  • Beecroft, you're a good man! I was just undertaking the endeavor of relaying the last few minutes of my day in an attempt to straighten the Fn  multimedia thing that bugs me out. I was looking to see if my touchpad buttons were disabled in my Bios on My Studio 7 but I didn't see anything that would fit the shoe there. I did notice the Fn being tied to the multimedia decals though. I just finished signing up when I read your post and realized you answered already. Cheers to you!