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SX2210 Webcam not working with Yahoo messenger or Skype

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SX2210 Webcam not working with Yahoo messenger or Skype

  • I have the webcam working with the Dell Video Chat, but when I try to do a video chat on Yahoo Messenger or Skype, I'm not having any success.  The led light won't come on.  With Yahoo messenger, I can see the other person, but they only see a black box on their screen from me (and I see that same black box so it also indicates the webcam is not working with Yahoo).  I tried on Yahoo where you can validate to see if the cam will work, but it does not show it as working as well.  I also created a Skype account after seeing someone else usiing this cam on skype but no luck again.  Has anyone had any luck with the cam working on Yahoo ?  Thanks for any help !!


  • Did anyone ever reply to you about this.  I cant send an email for some reason, but I have the same problem and DELL seems to think it is my fault.

  • Actually, NO..  But, I got it working.  I had called Dell too and they said it was odd that it would not work.  What I found was you have to go to (going off memory as it's been a few months) either Options or Preferences.  I had to change the monitor to a different option.  ON both Skype and Yahoo, it was pointing towards a different default name.  I just changed that and it worked.  So, if it works at least on the Dell Chat or under the Start button, type "webcam" and if it turns on, then I think you just need to change the default option on BOTH Skype and Yahoo.  I had to change the option on both programs...  If it works, please let me know.  Thx

  • No.  It did not work.  It shows no other options when I check.  Only the webcam - no choices.  What DELL has agreed to do is send another computer.  We'll see if that does anything (doubtful).  Thanks

  • First thing I didn't do was to have the USB cord hooked up for the monitor (for webcam to work).  Then, I spent 3 hours on phone with support because the hardware would not recognize on the computer.  We finally got it working (for Dell Webcam central) so I could see myself on the monitor..  However, then I had issues with Yahoo and Skype.  That's when I finally went into the settings for each program (preferences / options) and change the webcam selection.

    But, you may have the issue like me where the computer did not have the hardware installed.  They finally got that working on my end.

  • I don't forsee them sending me a new computer fixing this.  If I was the supervisor in India, I would have forwarded me to the US and or given me a credit on the software department who would help fix this, but charge $120 or so to do so.  A lot cheaper then sending a new system out ... in any case.  I could see myself so that part I bypassed your issues.  It was in getting other party to see me.  I could see them, they couldn't see me.  That is an issue with the webcam and with how the program installed in Dell recognizes other services (Yahoo / Skype or whatever).  In my case I think it is sightspeed or Speedsight (I don't recall and I am not at the computer now) - it is the program Dell uses to facilitate the webcam and all - that program dominates and will not open itsel;f to yahoo or skype or whatever.  Whether it is simply adjusting the webcam selection or getting the camera portion to work - it said close the other program using the hardware.  Funny, no other program was using it.  Yet in india they seemed to think it was all my fault.

    We will see when the new unit arrives.  In the meantime, I will try again to fiddle with settings.  When I went to preferences, webcam or options - and clicked the button, there were no other options.  It was only that one webcam.  I think it is something further inside that I will need to adjust.  I was thinking of the dialog box where you check whether any conflicts exist, perhaps I can manipulate the webcam (and I can't recall what that box is called just how to get it) from there.  I will try a couple more, but I have less time and patience for soemthing that should work without my spending 6+ hours sorting out.


  • This is odd.  That is the same EXACT issue I had.  With the dell software (Dell Webcam central), I could see myself..  The little white lite on top of the monitor would turn on and I'd see myself).  Also, I could see others on my screen (for example on Yahoo messenger as well).  They could just not see me.  It would show a black box on their end (and I think maybe even on my end).  So, that's why I assumed the monitor was not compatible with the software.  However, this is when I decided to play with the settings.  I opened up Yahoo messenger and went to preferences / Options.

    Actually, here is exactly what I did...  I'm running thru it and typing how to do it...

    Open Messenger as if you are just going to hit a name to instant message.

    Open "Messenger" on the top left corner of that window.

    Click on "My webcam"  (that should open the window, but it may remain BLACK since the little lite is not on).

    Then click "File", and then "Preferences". Then click on the radio button "Camera Source".  When mine would not work, it was pointing to "Hauppage WinTV 885 Video etc..."...

    Change that to " Monitor Webcam #2" which was my only other option.  Save those changes and try it..  You may need to video chat with someone to see if it works.

    If that don't do the trick, then I'm lost as well.  I have a Studio desktop 540...  I also had to do the same thing for Skype as well.  Change to webcam #2.  Please let me know if this works.  Good luck. 


  • I don't know what happened, but.   Dell sent me a new computer.  I took the computer over to the friends who I bought it for, left it in the car, because I was going to try your suggestion again, and one other possible option I guessed at (will explain in a moment).  So I tried your suggestion and again, I had no options to select from when it came to camera or webcam or anything for that matter.  However, in my frustration I decided I would delete everything to do with Sightspeed / webcam / camera from the computer.  Went to the control panel and deleted 3-4 programs - any and all related to the webcam.  I did that and tried again - nothing.  I used the system disk with drivers and told it to install all webcam drivers.  Still didn't work.   I was so discouraged I was not patient enough.  I took old computer and put in new computer and went through maybe 1.5 - 2 hours setting up the new computer - then had to find someone who had a webcam to test it out.  After more time figuring out who we could call, we found someone and it worked immediately.

    I then had to transfer 7.5 gigs from old computer to new one.  Began that process that night and was going to return the next day and put it on their new computer.

    Next day - they tell me they woke up and made a call and it went through fine, no problems.  This was great, except for one small thing - it was the old computer that was plugged in (having files copied off it).  I go over, check it out and indeed, it is the old system (old as in 1.5 months). 

    As I stated above, I was too impatient - I should have restarted system and tried again.  That is all it took.  Deleting ALL the software they installed.  Which really goes back to my original argument I used with Dell - it was the sightspeed software that was restricting use.  When it was deleted, it worked after I reinstalled the software MINUS sightspeed stuff. 

    The new computer works also - setting aside the necessary time to set up the first time, it took 2-3 minutes to connect.

    The old computer, once all the deletions and reinstallations were done, took 2-3 minutes.

    Instead, I spent hours with Dell, emails, phone calls, and my own efforts.

    Amazing.  they would rather send a new computer than find someone who can think a little bit and pay the $100 or whatever, or even, given that this is not uncommon - know the answer so it could be sorted out quickly.


    Anyway, all is well now.  I even installed Skype for them and they used it and it worked fine.

    Thanks though - your suggestions helped in directing me and reinforcing what I believed about the issues Dell seems to have.




  • Glad to hear it's working finally...  I feel your pain..  I had one other issue when mine was 3-4 weeks old.  I downloaded a Microsoft update.  It was a bad update which caused the internet to crash and when I'd open a chat window with Dell, I couldn't even type my issue to them because it was as if my keyboard was not working.  After MANY hours on the phone with them and emails, we finally came to the conclusion that is was the update.  They had me delete, it all seemed fine, until I hung up the phone and it acted up again.  They had me try several things.  Finally, a different tech called and we did a system restore.  It restores prior to the update and from then on, it worked fine.  I wanted to re-image the whole system from factory, but they couldn't figure out how to do it from the partition that has it on the drive.  So, we restored instead.  It was very stressful, especially when it was the first new computer I've ever bought my wife.  Luckily, though, it seems to be working just fine now.   Congrulations on getting it fixed...  That's great news.