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customer service stinks

  • I have tried to get help from customer service for months.  All I get is the runaround.  For more money they will look into the problems I have been having.  I cannot convince them the problems are tied to the new hard drive they sent after my original drive crashed after only 5 months of use.  Everytime I call I get bounced from one technical support person to another.  Most of the time I have issues understanding what they are saying.  I guess Dell outsourced their customer service.  Long story, short, I wish I had gone to the local Best Buy or WalMart to buy this thing.  Then maybe I'd get some help instead of the run around.

  • Your problem is not unique. You will find similar posts not only here in the community forums but also in many locations on the net. I have gotten run through the gauntlet with my problems for so long, they will not accept a return of the XPS PC I bought, even though they admit the problems have existed since I purchased it. I have sent emails directly to Michael Dell, asking to at least speak to someone in the US, but keep getting India. The reps have been arrogant and unresponsive. They act as though we are inconveniencing them.

    Good customer service is obviously not a priority to either MR. Dell or his company.

  • noluckwithservice,

    Sorry you are having problems with your computer.  Please send me a Private Conversation by clicking on "contact" below, then select "start a conversation with "Dell-Robert P" and I'll see what I can do to assist.  Thanks.



  • I have spent over 6 hours this weekend alone attempting to have my computer replaced only to be disconnected, left on hold, re-routed to the wrong customer care / technical support groups, been yelled at, accused of lying as well as being outright lied to.  I am at my wit's end.  How can Dell possibly still be in business???  And is it too much to ask to have customer support representatives that speak English???

  • I just had the same experience with HP, I was left with a faulty laptop that HP will not touch without me paying for the repair so the machine can go down the drain again. I went through all the steps to get my case looked at and they are contracted not to overly help out customers, such as honoring repairs on defective product,  I am left with a paper weight, I would check out every product before you buy it.

  • Also - I have sent Alexander Paul over 60 emails today.  Still no response.  Interesting, huh?

  • HOW dare you say that dell has terrible tech support!!!!! If you dont get anywhere with dell on the phone than chat with them on the internet. That is what i do and i have had all of my problems with my computer fixed. If you want to get somewhere with a dell technician on the phone ask them if you could talk to their supervisior and besides that what is your computers issue, you complain at dells service yet you dont give the community any information on what your computers problem is! If you would tell the community what your problem is, we might be able to help.

  • I have spoken to well over 20 Dell Tech Support / Customer Service representatives, managers as well as a representative and a manager in the Customer Resolution Department. My laptop is damaged. It is not experiencing a "problem" but is fundamentally damaged and needs to be replaced. I have spent over 12 hours on the phone with Dell and nothing has been accomplished. Why would I want someone in the "Dell Community" to fix/replace my computer when I paid for a Dell Warranty?

  • well HNikas it would have been nice before i commented to know that your laptop was damaged and not expericing a problem. I am not a dell employee and im not trying to shame angry customers. Im only trying to found out what the problem is because you never stated it before. If dell does not hold up to their word with the warrenty than sue them since you dont like them sue them. Also i am not fixing your laptop, why would i fix such a rude and ignorant persons computer. I was saying that maybe the dell community could " help" not "FIX" but if you dont want the communities help than delete your profile. This community was built to try to offer help to one another not bicker between each other. U probably just made a profile so you could just complain..... so if you dont want the communities help than you shouldnt have asked a question! I dont mean this in a mean way but it is the truth.

  • Dell deleted the following post because I named the individual I talked too. I guess  their employees have to be shielded against reprisals. They wouldn't be if they provided even average service. I have edited the name. Well, I guess the battle can't be won, at least not with Dell. I finally spoke to a an agent supposedly the top dog in customer service, yesterday. I explained the problems to her, I advised her I had fixed the technical problems myself because the Tech Support Reps were worthless, and her resolution was to return the PC, now that I have spent all of my time fixing it. A credit or any other form of compensation was out of the question even though Dell sent me a defective item. She was condescending and tried to make me feel like I was wasting her time. Unbelievable. You are better off building your own computer, it's not that hard. It only gets difficult if you deal with Dell because they put you through <profanity>!

  • rl08

    Did you remove your previous post or did Dell??? Very curious...

  • Dell did and sent me an email advising me so.

  • Gee, I guess you've talked to her too.

  • So Dell took down my earlier post because I referenced something they're not too proud of - Am I correct in assuming this is no longer objectional???

    This community would not have to exist if Dell had a proper techinical support team. I did not create a profile to "complain" but to find out if others have been experiencing the same terrible service as I have - I wanted to know if this awful support was the exception or the rule. CLEARLY if Dell created an environment for other Dell Customers to help each other with technical support - then they must recognize that they are not providing adequate assistance themselves. I am not mean and certainly not ignorant. What I am is frustrated beyond belief and to have to read your sanctimonious nonsense is absurd. I paid for a service. Dell is not providing said service. That is the problem plain and simple

  • Interesting that they haven't deleted you post with her name in it. They must have objected to something else in my post, but they indicated it was 'referring to an individual'. The name is the only thing I changed in my re-post. I was kinda of surprised thye even noticed since they don't like to communicate with their customers.