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Catalyst Control Center?

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Catalyst Control Center?

  • Could someone explain to me what the Catalyst Control Center is?  Dell has it in the MSCONFIG in the Start-up section.  What exactly does it do and am I suppose to do something to it?

    Please help me on this one.


  • Catalyst Control center is part of the ATI video card you have in your system. This is not put in by Dell but by the ATI video driver suite. It allows you to control aspects of your video card

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  • When new ATI drivers come out at the ATI site ( ) will switch to AMD who owns it now, I get the latest drivers ONLY. I never the full suite which is famous for slowing down a computer with its frequent calls home for updates.

    My ATI 4850 (512MB) is outstanding and I play full bore on COD4 for hours without any problems whatsoever.

    I don't know what the problem is with so many XPS 630i computers but my setup has never Blue-Screened or Froze. Guess I'm lucky.


  • Thanks for the reply.  I am afraid I am not as smart as some of you people.  I wouldn't know how to control aspects of the Video Card.

    Mine is ATI Radeon HD4670. 

  • Can you explain to me a little more about getting the latest drivers.  Is it a must?  Is it a easy thing to do?  Also about the Catalyst in my Start-up should I do anything with it?  Or just leave it alone in the start-up?

  • Gigee,

    Just go to - it will redirect you to the joint ati/amd site. Just click on Support and Drivers. Then put in the card you own and your operating system. The site will direct you to the newest drivers.

    Myself, I removed the complete ATI drivers at first so I could just get the video drivers. I do not need the suite for all the stuff offered and the constant checking for new drivers and features. I check once a month or so.

    I find my system runs very good with COD4 with just the driver installation itself.

    So remove the catalyst suite in your Add/Remove Programs, then check and also remove any ATI video drivers. Get the drivers package only and have them on your system. Reboot so the registry clears and cancel the search for drivers. Then go to the folder where you saved the drivers and run the driver file. Your system will reboot automatically and the new drivers will install.

    Good luck