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Wireless for my Dimension E520

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Wireless for my Dimension E520

  • I have 2 computers through Dell.  One is the 4700 and it came with a wireless internet card, I bought it in 2005.  In 2007 I bought the E520 and it was SUPPOSED to come with a wireless card.  But DID NOT.  I have spoken to a few people since last year at Dell and been told that all computers sold/made after 2005 would have wireless.

    Now I am running a 25' cable from my main computer with a wired router.   I want to get wireless so the E520 will work better, run faster and connect better to the internet.

    I was told to get a wireless plug-in thing, like a USB into the back that is for wireless internet.  I was told to get a N one for the E520.  Can I get away with buying a G one instead as those are really cheap.



  • You misunderstood about all computers will have wireless. That only applied to notebook computers, not desktops. No desktop has wireless unless it is ordered. I doubt your 4700 came with wireless. All desktops come with an Ethernet wired card.

    Sure you can get a G card. If you got an N card you would need an N router to go with it and that's expensive and then you might have problems with your old computer. Get a card that is the same brand as your wireless router. I'd get an internal card if you have a slot for it.

  • soozeebg,

    I noticed on this message board some members are using a Wireless game adapter. This adapter might work with your computer.  It would have antenna(s) built inside the case for getting the signal to the wireless router.

    This is a link to all of the adapters sold by Linksys so you can check products and prices.  Mary G makes a great point. Most people buy a wireless router, and adapter from the same company.  You can find most products online, and get an idea what is being sold before going to a store.