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Wireless Keyboard y-raq-del2 bluetooth conection

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Wireless Keyboard y-raq-del2 bluetooth conection

  • I am trying to conect my wireless keyboard to the bluetooth device and it requires a PASSKEY. There are 2 options: let the device set the passkey or I can chose the passkey myself. But none of the options works. I receive a message back saying that the keyboard doesn't allow a passkey. Does this mean that it is not possible to connect the keyboard to this notebook?

  • Hi,  I can't help with your problem but I am considering buying this keyboard (second hand) however I've been put off due to a large number of problems associated with the keyboard.  Do a goggle search and you will see the problems others have had.  I suggest if you purchased this from Dell, ask for a full refund, otherwise save yourself the grief and buy another keyboard.  Cheers.

  • Hey there! Thanks a lot. Would you have any keyboard (wireless or not) to suggest?


  • Go for this one - its the one I'm thinking of buying for myself:


    The RRP in NZ has just dropped to $NZ90 but you can pick up for around $NZ65 if you shop around.

    Good luck



  • Did you ever get your keyboard to work? DId you find a driver or manual? I cannot get my Y-RAQ-DEL2 keyboard or mouse to work.

    Thank you 

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  • I never ending up buying that keyboard - sorry I can't help.  Cheers.