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Wrong Shipping Address for order

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Wrong Shipping Address for order

  • I recently purchased a new Dell computer.  I verified all the billing and shipping information before I submitted the request, but after submitting the request I found that the shipping address has reset itself to my previous residence.  I tried calling the dell support hotline, but they said that they would not do anything for me and Dell would ship the computer to the wrong address.  My order has not shipped yet and I tried explaining my situation to them and that the computer simply needs to be shipped to the billing address, but no one seems willing to help me.

    I have always been a very loyal Dell customer, but after this experience I do not know if I would ever recommend Dell to anyone.  It seems ridiculous that Dell would not correct this issue before it becomes a problem.  I understand they are careful about fraud, but when I can confirm any information they request this situation is extremely frustrating.

    I would appreciate any help.


  • I had a similar problem and it took weeks of emails and phone calls to resolve. Most to reps in India, who insisted they couldn't change my address, until I asked to speak to the supervisor, who said he would change the address.  That address change never happened. 3 failed delivery attempts later, I had to call back to finally get them to update it.

    I also saw someone else on the forums who had this same problem in 2007. Pretty disappointing that Dell hasn't bothered to come up with any solution to such a simple problem.

  • I had a similar problem.  I was told that the only way to change the address was to cancel the order and place it over again with the correct address.  The problem is it was supposed to be a Christmas present. My original shipping date was 12/14.  The new shipping date is 12/28.  And my original order was placed 12/1 and changed 12/4. Three days equated to 2 weeks.

    To make matters worse, my Dell Preferred account had my old address as well, and I spent about 2 hours online and on the phone resolving that problem.

    I've sent a complaint to the last resort email address and received an automated reply 8 days ago that the message would not even be seen by a person for 4 days.

    It sounds to me like Dell is trying to drive itself out of business.



  • Yeah well I spent hard earned cash on a alienware 15 laptop and they shipped it to wrong adress

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