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Hello every one, dell ripped me off

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Hello every one, dell ripped me off

  • I am very sorry to state this issue here on dell forum, but I just want to let people know that what dell can possible do with you without you even notice !!!!! be very carefull

    My problem:

    I bought a memory from dell's website for my dell laptop, unfortunately I could not find the proper slot to install the new memory so I called dell and told them about the problem I need help with, they connected me with tech support and finally I was able to hold a person who helped my with installing the memory I was really thankfull to they guy's help.

    Note: I specifically asked the guy that would I be charged for the support I am getting from him, he said no you would not be charged for

    No one even mentioned about my support or warrany period that it has been expire or we (dell) want you to extend it or any thinglike that, I never provide any infromation like my credit card or any thing to any of dell agent because nobody even ask for it

    Unfortunately I have dell financial account which dell knows, but any way after a month or so I received a bill from dell that I owe 181 and change dollar on my dell financial account. It stated the date of transaction which I was not aware that if I made any purchase on that day because I never did. So I looked up into my account and found out that they not really sure who but my guess is tech support put a extend support contract for me and charged my account which account I never give to anybody.

    I called dell and they walked me to almost all of dell's department like financial, techs support, customer serverices etc... saying that it is my fault and the chances are that I asked for it and that is the only reason dell can put order on your behalf, but that is not even close to the truth.

    Now it is almost a month that I am calling dell twice a week but not getting any thing good except forwarding to different departments and finally getting to some voice mails, I left voice message for couple of time but never heard any thing back from any body.

    Please please please help me with my situation if any one can I would be really thankfull, and please forgive me for my mistake that made to dealt with dell I would not repeat it again I am so sorry about that 

    Thank you


  • If they billed your credit card, call your credit card holder and dispute the charges. If it's a debit card or checking account, go to your financial institution (bank) and dispute the charges. Let them know you were charged for services you never received. The FIRST thing you need to do is remove all credit/account info from your Dell account so they can't do this again. I have no doubt that you're telling the truth. It seems these days, Dell will shaft anyone to make a buck. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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  • Sorry to hear about that. I'm not sure what country you are in, but this seems like poor treatment.

  • I am in USA (New York)

    Yes it is poorest treatment I got from dell, what else you can expect.  I am going to waste more of my school time tomorrow again by calling them...

    This is very upsetable to me and distrubing my study as well, I would be really helpful if I got help to resolve this issue


    Thank you for your time

  • Yes you are right it will not help at all since the customer service people will check it again and they will say the same thing again

  • Another good one


    Dell deleted my posting since it was showing them the mirror of what is happening in dell

  • Ryaz:

    Dell only deletes posts that violate TOS, such as posting employee names, your service tag, etc.

    Obviously, they don't delete posts for complaining (or bad English Wink).

  • There were no employee name involve in it or my service tag or any thing, yes I mentioned that my case is in dell's fraud department now that might be upsetting for them. that is the only think I can think of

  • muto


    another thing you could try is completing the form on this dell 'unresolved issues' site... but they, like the dell customer service people that ocassionaly stuble into this forum, have proven to be nothing more than a further waste of your time.


    That is completely unfair Hmm

    For starters, these are community forums - not official support forums, so Dell rep's are not obliged to help out in here Idea

    Secondly... the Dell reps who do occasionally frequent the forums (Jackie, Gina, Chris M, Jesse L, et al), are always helpful to those whose threads/posts they reply to, so I haven't a clue why you think they're a waste of time?

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  • Hi ryaz101, Have you tried using the Unresolved issues HERE.


    If my answer Was helpful?  Please let me know by clicking on the 'Did this answer your question' and clicking on the Yes button.  Thanks.



  • ryaz101,


    Sorry you are having problems with your Dell Preferred Account.  If you would Friend me, so I can send you a Private Message, I'll see what I can do to help.




  • Update as of 4/6/09 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

    I called dell today as I was instructed on sturday to call them on monday, I tried the specialist who has been to my case I tried his extansion but as usuall that person is never there. Then I tried dell financial number 18002832210 after sometime I connected to someone there, he transfer me to customer service after asking me many so called questions. I got to customer service after almost 10 minute delay, I got a new number that person 1866-383-4713 (credit card I think, not close to what I am looking for), after a long hold I got to speak with a rep who said that he is going to email related person for this case and they will get back to me, I am hoping Wink and we end the call there

    I am not realy sure that I even will get help from somewhere, and may be I have to end up trying that and making payment in order to save my credit history, I think that what dell exactly want from me, I could be wrong but chances are I am right.

    but one thing I know that this is the worse experience of my life and which is getting worse day by day. I am feeling so helpless, victim of dell's ripping I am sorry to use this word, but this is clear ripping, I am getting charged without my notice and permissions. I never gave my dell's financial account info to any one like support, customer service department etc.. but because dell know about my account so they can charge it without my authorization


    I would be really thankfull if some can help me to restore my confidence

  • of course I care, I am student

    I will try to get to those people when I will be completely disappointed by dell, I am still contacting them two or three time in a week. I think you are right I will soon be ended up with those people (bbb.org)

    Thank you for your suggestion they are very good

  • Another update

    I was promised that somebody from dell will call me but I waited two days and nobody bather to call me, but they said so though

    This treatment of dell is making me feel more helpless day by day, that is how dell do any way they ripp people off, charge their account or whatever financial information they have available for a customer and then when you call them they will say oh it was your fault you approved it but I accept this little differently, It is our fault because we dealt with dell, we trusted on dell, we provide them business, we bought stuff from them etc..

    I am still as always looking for help, because I dont thing customer service going to help me, it does not matter how many times I call them, finally they would not respond to my calls and will hung up on me if some picked my phone by mistake.


    I there any one who can help me please please?

  • ryaz101,


    Our Escalations Team has your information and will be contacting you shortly.  They Do Not work on the weekends, so please be patient.  Follow the instructions I sent you in my email, and we will assist you.  Thanks.