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Dell Inspiron 1720 Crashes - Replaced HD - Do I need a new Motherboard?

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Dell Inspiron 1720 Crashes - Replaced HD - Do I need a new Motherboard?

  • We purchase an Inspiron 1720 for our Son (college student).  The system kept crashing, so we decided to reinstall the operating system (VISTA).  Everything went fine.  After a few days the system crashed again, but would not come-up - Hard Drive could not be found.  We ran the repair and it would run and run without any resolution.  So, we were told to replace the Hard Drive (SATA).  When we replace the HD and tried to reinstall the operating system, it would go through about 75% of the install and stop – tried this about 5 times.  Now, someone indicated that we may need to replace the motherboard.  


    I do not have a problem replacing the mother board; just do not want to purchase a motherboard if I do not have too.  Can someone help me out with this?  Thanks!

  • Hi, Oneunderpar:

    Since the system has Vista, it can't be too old. Are you still under warranty?

    Do you know exactly at which point the installation gets stuck?

  • The warranty expired earlier this month (03/09) and unfortunately it does not indicate at what point it stops during the install.  I tried to get a better feel when trying to install again, but the install bar at the bottom appears to go about 75% of the way and after a few hours it in the same position.

  • Have you created a clean partition each time you've tried?

    By the way, as I'm sure you've already noticed, Vista installation problems (hanging, freezing, etc.) are quite common.

  • Thank you for your continue support!  Yes, I tried to create a clean partition each time.  Someone in my office indicated it could also be a memory problem and recommendated I remove one of my RAM sticks (I have a total of 3GB - 1GB and 2GB sticks) and try to install the OS.  What do you think? 

  • Oneundapar

    This is to augment the advice of the very wise Osprey.

    Note that replacing the MB on your LT is quite a job, and costly to have someone else do it.

    Memory --> The difference in size of the sticks are not an issue, but the timings could  be a problem, although very unlikely.. There could also be errors in one of the sticks. Trying the sticks seperately could not hurt. After the computer is running, download Memtest86 (free, google it), burn it to a disc, and run it to test the memory.

    The new harddrive --> Be sure you are doing a re-format where everything is wiped off of the drive before starting to reinstall. Consider cleaning the bottom of the install disc (gently, clean, soft cotton cloth, little distilled water).