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Price of Dell Desktops in Dubai

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Price of Dell Desktops in Dubai

  • Emirates Computers represents Dell in the UAE and the larger Middle east I believe. I wanted to order a high-end system, XPS 730x and asked for their price. I obviously was curious about 2 things: taxes as Dubai is a tax free area and additional shipping cost.

    At this moment, the system I am looking at is about 3,129 pounds (incl VAT or tax) on the UK-internet site. Guess what Emirates Computers is asking me to pay them, for nothing more then being the middle man? A whopping 42,000 AED, to save you the currency translation (1 British pound is 5.2AED), it comes to 8,076 British pound, almost 3 times the amount in the UK with VAT.

    It does explain some of the negative comments on blogs in Dubai about Dell. A lot of them were around poor value. Is Dell aware of this outrageous distributor and the impact it must have on their orders? More importantly, can anybody give me a tip on how to order a Dell, at a normal price, in  Dubai?


  •  Hi! DubaiUAE,

    On my experience a every day almost i spent 3 hours on Dell Forums just only reading the posted problems. I notice it that so many cases like what you are trying to order a XPS 730X on delevery basis, Better to wait this unit "XPS 730xCool" here in Dubai and don't believe to Emirates Computers and for your imformation "Emirates Computers" this is the Dell Service Center Here in UAE the authorised from Dell.

    The 42,000 AED Price of XPS 730x is to expencieve in US just only Price started from 2,599$ so think more than 42,000 times before you order.



  • Yes I know. Dell is a typical large company. As many others, they classify the Middle East as a dumping ground for old models. Typically using loosly controlled distributors who squeeze the last dollar out of their products. And they still wonder why their image is decreasing.

    I am already looking at another brand. They sem to be more serious about this region.