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Battery will not charge

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Battery will not charge

  • My battery is not charging on my lap top I can take my battery out and put my battery in my wifes laptop and it will charge When I put her charger to my laptop after my battery is charged it will not show the little battery icon with plug and the computer will operate as if it is not plugged in..... my computer is out of warrenty I am blind and I have a reader software that enables me to use computer....I need the computer for everyday life

  • Hello,
    In response to your question about the Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop charging issue, i posted the pictures of how i was able to fix my laptop.  I'm not sure if it will be the same problem for you, but its worth a try.

    ^^ there is a link to all of the photos i took for this laptop.  I just followed the positive rail around the motherboard, starting at the plug on the back of the laptop.   I noticed that this particular point (c34) made a very small spark and had a little bit of physical movement when i touched it with the probe.  I looked closer, and the solder  had cracked along the joint, causing no electricity to flow. I heated up my soldering iron and re-melted that joint, and added a little solder.

    Any more questions, feel free to contact me

  • Before opening up the laptop, trying flashing the BIOS back to the state it was maybe 6months ago. i just did that for my M1530 this morning & its now charging again

  • How do you flash the BIos back?  Will you lose everything you've done and saved to the computer?  My Vostro won't charge and I wonder if this will help.

  • You do not need to flash the Bios back, Do a Bios upgrade to the A06 since the D610 has a Bios of A03 and all the abnormalities like keyboard errors and battery not charging whereas the charger and battery are ok will be history get to this link to get the new Bios on dell downloads


    or use the official dell support site n get the certified dell update to be quite sure