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Recovery procedure

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Recovery procedure

  • Hi,

    Though the Owner Manuals for both of the two Dell machines I have (Inspiron 1520  and  Dimension 4600) declare  that  it is posible to restore the complete system by using the Ctrl+F11  combination,  that instruction doesn't work in any machine.

    For the Inspiron 1520 (also the inspiron 1521 and others, is suposse), I found that it is necesary that first  the F8 key be used to get the starting advanced options, and the be used the first option (Repair the system)  to get into the program that recover the complete system to the factory initial configurations.  It functions properly.

    For the Dimension 4600 I couldn't find the correct way.  The hard drive still homes the necesary partitions C:\  and hidden  EISA Configuration (first 31 MB  in the disk - FAT , 80 % free)  and  hidden correct unknown partition ( last 3.50 GB - Fat 32 , 65 % free).  The Pre-post  options F2 (to get into de Bios configuration)  and  F12  to get into the Boot Device menu  (and here to boot to the Utility Partition ,  for instance) function properly.    Could someone tell me how to  recover this Dimension 4600 as the initial factory configuration?

    Thanks in advance.

  • HERE is the Dell reinstallation procedures (both options are listed) for XP.   On systems with the Dell recovery partition (not all have that), you must enter the CTRL/F11 at initial boot up and before Windows starts. 

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  • Thanks very much. 

    Troubleshooting the Restore Process , however, in the Dan Goodell's article "Inside the Dell PC Restore Partition"  helped me to recover the posibility to return my  Dimension 4600  to its  "as shipped" state.   Now I have again this machine  with the factory settings.


  • Greetings,

    I realize this thread is 2 years old, but someone may find a use in it.

    I am on an Inspiron 1520, and I hit CTRL+F11 immediately as the blue bar that says DELL.COM came up at the top of the screen.  It took me right into the restore menu.  It's all about timing.

    Hitting F8 only takes you into the boot menu for Safe Mode choices, and Last Known Good etc.  It does not give you a repair option.

  • Worked perfectly, thank you very much!