Need to replace Monitor trim or power button on Dell Monitor

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Need to replace Monitor trim or power button on Dell Monitor

  • 1. Had to post as a newbe because could not find old password and log in. O well

    2. Have a 17" Monitor that the power switch broke (little plastic button with a plastic hinge glued to the frame of the monitor). Too small to glue and won't last.

    3. Out of warranty

    4. Any one know where to get a replacement button or complete face trim for a Dell

    : Model # 1704FPT1

    Thanks RJ














  • ok,i may need a little help here, i just joined today and not up on what i am supposed to do,and speaking of needing a new monitor,i was given a dell 1901fp by someone,got it home and found out i needed a gva cable for it so went to ofc. depot and spent 50 bucks for it got it home and hooked everything up,and the monitor wouldnt come on,got the test screen but no live screen,so went to dell .com and downloaded a driver for it,and tried it again,this time i got a screen for about a minute,then it went black,you can turn the power switch off then back on and it does the same thing does antone know what could be wrong with it other than broke?

  • Temporary solution:

    Used a reed from a 2 cycle motorcyle. Fiberglass, cut to shape of button with a flap for mounting, glued to mounting base in the frame. Has been working for two days and will do until I find a new frame.

    Mackiver strikes again.


  • You need to make a new post instead of posting on an already posted question. The vga cable should be part of the monitor, not have to be added. Return the one you bought to OffDepot and get your money back. You can buy a whole new monitor for $100.