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how to cancel my order?

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how to cancel my order?

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I need to cancel my order and there is no information on the Dell Customer Service webpage, , I tried calling the customers service and i either getting a message that they are closed or my call is transferred & hung-up.  the order date is12/30/2008. So how can I cancel that order?? ASAP


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  • Customer Service

    email them.

    I order my new computer on Dec20, so far I haven't receive any confirm or bill from my credit card.. Or they don't even place the order... So I guess those customer service went for a long holiday... And after 10 days for long waiting with no answer and reading those "bad customers service" posts... I am planning to cancel my order too..


    If you success, let me know how

    Happy new year =)

  • Leon W

    Customer Service

    email them.

    I order my new computer on Dec20, so far I haven't receive any confirm or bill from my credit card.. Or they don't even place the order... So I guess those customer service went for a long holiday... And after 10 days for long waiting with no answer and reading those "bad customers service" posts... I am planning to cancel my order too..


    If you success, let me know how

    Happy new year =)

    Customer Service- no luck.

    Email- was sent. waiting for answer.

    i tried every way that i can think of- email\ phone\ forums.

    why cant they just add an order cancellation button?


  • It seems that it is impossible to cancel an order even if Dell cannot meet its commitment (which is obviousely one way).

    I have tried all avenues to cancel and I cannot get a phone call returned or an Email answered, at the end of the day the only real people that are being hurt besides us buyers  are the employees as with the economic climate as it is I do not think Dell will last in the market place for long. I am going to contact the office of Fair Trading and write letters to all the computing mags that I read in an effort to ensure as many people as possible get the message that Dell is a company who does not care the stress it puts its customers through and a buying experience from them could lead to a very poor and stressful journey.



  • i got them to cancel my order through the email customer service. i think im lucky since i got the reply 3 days after the order date so it wasnt that far into production.

  • Quick story,

    I also tried to cancel my order using my Dell account page and emailing support telling them that I wanted to cancel my order if it did not ship by a certain date.  The order did not ship by that date and I then received an email from Dell stating that I could cancel my order because the order would be late shipping.

    I figured my original email to support would be sufficient to cancel the order so I did not reply to Dell's email.

    Lo and behold they shipped the order a few days later.  This after I requested it be cancelled.

    My only gripe was that if they had cancelled when I asked, I could have reordered the same exact system with a 20 inch ultra sharp monitor for an extra $79.00.  I have called an emailed Dell asking them if they could ship me the monitor for the extra $79.00 since they did not honor my original request to cancel the order.

    They told me I would have to pay full retail price for the monitor but that they could give me a $100.00 coupon towards it.

    I told them no thanks.  The retail price for this monitor was $240.00 so if they give me $100.00 towards this price I'm still paying $140.00 and not the $79.00 I should have paid if they would have cancelled when I requested.

    Maybe that wasn't so short of a story afterall.

    Thanks for listening.

  • I just had a similar experience. I ordered two Wii controllers, and found them for a lot less money somewhere else a few minutes after I submitted the order. I decided it would be in my best interest to cancel the Dell order and get them from the cheaper place. It was a little after 9pm, so the customer service phone line was closed. I went on online chat to cancel my order. After waiting for 20 minutes for the person to "check with his superior" I was told that the order could not be canceled "since I ordered it online." He told me to call the 1-800 number, which, of course, was already closed.

    I told them I was concerned about getting it canceled quickly before it shipped out. The person assured me that it would be canceled if I called the next day. He also gave me an e-mail address and said if I sent my request to that e-mail address it would be canceled.  Well, as I was still on chat with him I sent an e-mail to that address and it came back undeliverable. I told him that and asked to be connected to a supervisor. He said that supervisors were too busy helping other customers. After reminding him that I am a customer too, he gave me an e-mail address that was supposedly a supervisor's. I tried sending an e-mail to that address and again it came back undelivered. This was not a problem with my e-mail account either, as I tried sending e-mails to other people right after that which went through just fine. I did end up going on Dell's "e-mail us" web page and sent an e-mail, which I have yet to get a reply from.

    Well the next day came around (which was today) so I called customer service to cancel the order, and was informed that my order had been shipped (even though the ship date on my order status said it wouldn't be shipped for another day)!! Now if I don't want it I would have to wait for it to get here, pay for return shipping, and get back my money minus the $7 of shipping I orginally paid and a 15% restocking fee! There is no reason my order shouldn't have just been canceled right away!

    Dell really needs to make it possible to cancel orders. It seems like way too many people have problems with this.

  • Hi asch505,

    Please message me if you still need assistance with this issue. I'm happy to help.

    Thank you,

  • Hello Debbie. I sincerely hope you can help. My (new) bride and I ordered a home computer from Dell in December but told them we would need it before the end of the year and that it HAD to be delivered on Friday as that was the ONLY day we would be at home. Every Friday of EVERY week. Well the system was attempted to be delivered on every day other than FRIDAY and in many different pieces instead of all at once. We finally got fed up and called to cancel only to be told that even though we hadn't received anything yet because we had already been invoiced the only thing we could do is refuse delivery so that the system would be returned to the warehouse at which point our order would be cancelled and any money taken would be returned. Sure enough the system finally arrived the first Friday of the New Year and I refused delivery. An "automatic" payment had already been taken out of my chequing account and to ensure no more would be taken I put a stop payment on my account for the amount I had pre-authorized Dell to withdraw with my Bank's assurance that this would end them dipping into my account since to alter the amount would constitute fraud. I considered that the end of it until tonight when I went to check my bank statement online and found that Dell took another payment for a slightly different amount out of my bank for a system I don't have and have tried to cancel! They have now broken the law! I in fact wanted to purchase the System that was advertised after Christmas for $300 LESS than the one we had ordered but at the end of the phone call I made to place the order was told that I couldn't have it because I had already purchased another one! I would now not ever deal with Dell again no matter what and the company I work for which is expanding this year and has always used Dell wil now be switching to another supplier. This after seriously considering an employee purchase program for new hires. All I want is the money back that has been stolen from me and for Dell to leave me and my bank account alone. As a former employee of Canwest with access to people in the print and television media I really don't think Dell would like the free publicity they would get if an article about their complete lack of customer service, bait and switch sales tactics, and general incompetence and fraudulent behaviour was being read right beside one of the full-page ads they are so fond of running in our daily newspaper. PLEASE HELP!

  • I ordered something last night, then tried to cancel my order this morning. Dell rep said they CANNOT cancel it because even tho it hasn't shipped, it's from a different vendor. Why can't you send a "canceled order" message to the vendor through the same method you send a "item ordered message"?? You need to notify customers on the item if it's uncancelable.  I should not be penalized because it was through a different vendor.

     PLEASE put a cancel order button somewhere on your site.


    I have 2 computers and a few parts from Dell, (one of which Dell tech support cannot get working, although their sales told me the part would be perfectly compatible. ) but now I think I am done ordering from them period.


  • I need to cancel my order.  I emailed you with the information along with requesting you as a friend.



  • I ordered a laptop but now want to "upgrade" some of my options. I called Dell to cancel this order and was told all I could do now was send it back after I got it in about a week or so. I am going out of the country in 3 weeks and this is really iritating since I would just like to cancel the order I placed and do another order with my upgrades. I think it is insane that Dell does not allow the cancelling of an order online especially when all you want to do is cancel one thing but purchase another. This makes no sense. Could I please have someone help with this? Thank you.

  • I forgot to mention that I ordered my laptop tonight at 6:40 pm and called Dell at 6:50 pm  - 10 minutes later and was told that my laptop went to "production" and could not be cancelled. I suspect this cannot be true but rather a company policy that does not allow people to change their mind or their options. A very poor business practice in my opinion.

  • I had similar experience, and talked to two customer service representative and one customer servicer manager, not to mention emails to their customer support department.

    The answer is "cancel is not an option".. and my order won't even be shipped in 6 weeks.

    So you know how desperate they want to get your money.

    Other ppl with similar experience, either reject the shipment or return it within 21 days.

    So, good luck with your order and don't get too frustrated, CS can only follow their company policy and in this economy, take your money now is their top priority. losing you as future customer, don't think they care....


  • I'm in a similar situation here. I contacted customer service three times and spoke to three different customer reps and one manager. Everyone is claiming that the order cannot be canceled, even though expected ship date is 6 weeks from now (March 23, 2009).

    I fail to understand what's the point for the company to ship something only to have it returned? It understandable that shipments and returns are handled by different departments, but in the end everybody looses (and, forget customer loyalty).

    For some reason it doesn't seem possible to send private messages to Debbie G (in IE7 and 8 and FF3 I only see blank pane when I click on "send message"), so I'm not sure what are the options here.


  • Thanks to Debbie G's help my order was finally cancelled on 2/16/09.
    So, magic number of 6 calls seem to work (not immediately, but close enought).
    It's sad, that one has to waste so much time and effort to achieve what essentially could be done with a click of a button (had such button existed).
    DELL should rethink their customer service outsourcing policies. No cost cutting measures would be effective, if there is no loyal customers left.