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USB mouse causes Blue Screen

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USB mouse causes Blue Screen

  • AngryUSB mouse causes instant Blue Screen

    Inspiron 1300

    win XP sp3

    downloaded and installed latest driver from Dell

    First tried wireless MS mouse then Logitech wireless mouse. 

    Both cause INSTANT bluescreen!  Error messages vary and mostly refer to driver problems.

    Blue Screen happened with original mouse drivers and newly downloaded Dell driver. 

    Same mouse(s) work fine on two different Toshiba laptops.

    Control panel/devices indicate no confilicts.

    adjusted mouse settings for yes and no for simultaneous mouse and touchpad operation.  (did same in BIOS)

    Touchpad works fine.  Everything else works fine.  No viruses (Norton AV) with latest defs..

    This computer is very stable and has had no problems other than this.

    has anyone seen this?


  • This could have been my post, my inspiron 1300 is doing the EXACT same thing with both of my logitech mice (V220 and a ?).  Both are functional on my 2 other dell pcs.

    I first noticed this about 2 days ago, hadn't used the mouse since thanksgiving, I think SP3 was downloaded since then, also I updated zonealarm and that's it!

    Have now spend many many hrs surfing for solutions, lots of threads on other forums but no solutions.

    After endless re-boots, my icons stopped showing up on the desktop, had to do a roll back to fix.


  • After reading your situations, I notice that I have been experiencing blue screens as well but I cannot remember if it was before I purchased my wireless mouse or afterwards.  I purchased the Microsoft wireless USB and I have the Inspirion 1525.  I had not had time to contact DELL but I thought I should while on vacation to see if they have solutions to my problem.  It only happens sparatically but it is enough that I notice it. 

  • Hello

    Ther is a utility in the BIOS that is called as the USB emulation and we just need to turn that off and it will work forsure.

    I dont remeber the exact place unnfortunately but its there in the BIOS. Please go to the BIOS and look for that option, it is there, just turn it off and I am confident that it will work. If you get that option then please remind me once.

    Thanks and Regards.


  • This is the same problem I am having.  I have Inspiron 9400 Windows XP SP3 with same issue.  I can't plug in any USB mouse with out getting the BSoD and message "Stop 0x000000FC".  Other USB devices plug in OK - Epson Printer, camera, USB key etc.  Only optical mice and web cam cause problem.  I have downloaded all applicable Dell drivers; Microsoft updates; Dell Diagnostics.  I have cleaned the registry and uninstalled the USB driver and had MS Windows install it again.

    Help me please!


  • Just bought a MS wireless usb mouse, same problem, BSOD.

    So it's my laptop, not the mouse.

    When I was in the BIOS I didn't see anything about usb emulation, how does one make this change?


  • I tried that!  It made not difference.


    in device manager I rolled back drives for usb devices, from 2005 to 2001 drivers, and IT WORKED!

    Both MS and Logitech mice are functioning, NO BSOD.


  • Sounds promising!  ....But..... did that put the USB back to 1.1 instead of 2.0?

  • Hi there,

    The problem may be related to SP3.  After uninstalling SP3, my mouse and webcam worked with no problems (SP2 installed).  I made sure all the drivers were up to date, then kept the mouse plugged and re-installed SP3.  The problem seems to be fixed, so maybe they added some fixes to SP3 or it may not have installed correctly in the first place.

    Hope this helps.

  • I am sooooooo excited !!!!!!! you guys HELPED me.....I have a Latitude d400 and was having the same problem went to device management and updated the USB stuff and then rebooted and plugged my mouse in an WHA LA my mouse works :) I have only been trying to fix it for 2 months !!!!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Big Smile Thank you, thank you, thank you dell community! I also have an Inspiron 9400 that has been getting progressively worse over the past 6 months. At first, I got a bsd when I plugged in items I have used in the past with no problem, but others worked just fine. I couldn't find a solution, so I lived with it. This morning, it happened when I tried to sync my blackberry. Next, my usb keyboard that I have used for years gave me the bsd. I was so bummed, thinking I was going to have to do a complete reinstall. The posts I found on google are all over the place. I found this thread and rolled back my usb drivers to 2001 and WOOHOO! I have been giddily plugging and unplugging all sorts of usb devices and no more bsd! This is the best Christmas ever!!!