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Where is the "FN" key?

  • I have a Dell Dimension 9100 desktop with a wireless keyboard. I have never had a reason before now to use the "Print Screen" key. On the internet it says to use the "Print Screen" you need to press the "FN" key in conjunction with the "Print Screen". OK - but I don't seem to see anywhere on the keyboard the "FN" key. What am I missing - or is there a different keystroke combination to make the "Print Scree" key do its thing?

  • Hi BigMack1, The FN ket is to the right of the space bar, between the ALT and CTRL. I have an Logitech keyboard ans mouse. To use the Print Screen, press it when you want to print it, Click Start> in the search type mspaint.exe, Double click on it, when that opens up, Click, Edit, click paste.


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  • desktop keyboards normally do not have FN keys. It is normally found on  laptops

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